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How to Overcome Struggles & Allow Yourself to Shine as an Entrepreneur

On our journey to generational wealth, we’ll often face obstacles. These moments of hardship are what define our lives and shape who we are as a person. To be the best entrepreneur, you need to rise to the challenge and conquer your fears.

With the help of Sebastian and Jesse Mencia, we’re going to teach you how to beat your beasts and rise above the struggle.

Always Be Hopeful

The biggest thing you can do to give yourself a boost is to reshape your mindset. Even in the darkest times, remember that there’s always something on the other side. You are making your own path, and people are always going to try and bring you down.

Think of generational wealth as the Promised Land. You want to create a base for your family to live and thrive on for years to come. In order to do this, you’ll need to do some walking in the desert. Things won’t always be easy, but you’re working towards your Promised Land. Keep that goal in your mind as you push through your struggles!

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Have Concrete Goals

When Sebastian Mencia was struggling with his career choice, he began to listen to amazing podcasts like ours. He also invested a great amount of trust into another incredible wealth influencer, Stu McLaren. After noticing that McLaren held accounts with his company, he began asking around.

No matter what you’re doing, start taking steps towards your financial goals. For Sebastian, this meant asking people about meeting McLaren.

Work Your Way Up

Nobody said that being a self-sufficient person was easy!

You’ll need to put in work, but it will pay off. When Sebastian finally met McLaren, he offered his services. This yielded a whole lot of connections in various industries, all of which allowed Sebastian to learn and grow as an entrepreneur.

You may not be shooting to meet someone famous, but your goals are no different! Put in the effort to succeed and you’ll be rewarded.

Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

Both Sebastian and Jesse are vocal about the value of failure. When you fail, it’s a learning opportunity. Even if something doesn’t work out, you’ve learned new skills and techniques to use in your future entrepreneurial ideas.

Even we, as Rainmakers, have had our failures! We offered couple’s counseling for a while, but it never really took off. We didn’t let that get us down. Instead, we took what we learned from that opportunity and used it to start our journey as the entrepreneurial gurus we are today!

Stephen and Chelsey Diaz recording an episode of The Rainmaker Family podcast in their home studio

Learn As You Go

One of the best ways to get started as an entrepreneur is to dive in. After you do some research, take a risk! You never know what will happen! Don’t go all in, but put enough effort into your business to make it work. You may not succeed, but all of that time and energy will be a great place to start your next venture!

For Sebastian and Jesse, this “learn as you go” mindset is what started their awesome hand lettering business. After learning about the hobby, Jesse began to offer her services as a teacher. She opened a classroom and invited people in!

In doing this, Jesse reveals that she was immediately immersed in the experience. She learned all of the ins and outs of teaching and how to cater to many needs at once. When her students had advice, she listened. Likewise, she taught them skills that they used to create their own calligraphy business.

Learn From Experience

Another great way to build your business is to remember that, no matter how far you go, there’s always someone who knows more than you. Don’t discard advice because you feel you’re better than them. Listen to outside experiences and suggestions, because they just might be the secrets you need to make your business boom!

Recognize Your Value

No matter what you do, you have talent. That is the essential part of entrepreneurship.

Maybe you have a hobby that you enjoy, or you might be knowledgeable in a certain field. Share that gift! People pay for information and growth, and you can provide that. Offer classes and workshops. Promote yourself on social media! People want to grow, and you can help them get there.

Join Us

If you really want to boost your business, then join us! Take the seven-day Rainmaker Challenge. We’ll give you the tools and resources you’ll need to form a truly successful business and escape the 9–5 grind!

Don’t wait another minute! Take the next step into creating the business of your dreams today!

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