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How To Overcome Resistance

Sometimes, no matter how well you plan or how hard you work, life gets challenging. When things get hard, we know from our own experiences that a breakthrough is right around the corner… but that doesn’t help fix things in the now. Sometimes when we’re doing the hard work and learning the lessons that we need to succeed, we find ourselves in an emotional minefield.

Just like we take care of our physical health, sometimes we need to have a check-in on our emotional health as well. Sometimes you need a little mindset adjustment to open up to new possibilities and opportunities that will let you meet your full potential. 

Overcoming Resistance By Leaning In

Sometimes even things that are usually easy or fun are more difficult than they normally are. Maybe it’s a workout that’s normally really fun, but for some reason, you’re just not in the groove that day. Or maybe you’ve got walls that have come up with your business and things aren’t going according to plan. 

When you have these moments, you don’t have to throw in the towel! Instead, you can reframe them. Don’t think of them as pitfalls, but treat them as opportunities to lean in. Moments of resistance can be an opportunity to practice overcoming obstacles that get in the way when you work to achieve your goals. It’s ok to have setbacks. Everyone does. But setbacks don’t mean that you’re not on the path to success! They just mean that things are hard right now and that you’ve found an opportunity for growth and development.

Success Isn’t A Straight Line

When you’re thinking about what success means for you, whether it’s success on your personal journey or success in your business development, you need to embrace the idea that success isn’t necessarily a straight path from A to B. Think of it like a stock chart– when you’re looking at stocks, even highly successful and valuable ones, their chart over time isn’t an exponential straight line. It’s like a roller coaster. There are dips and peaks, and that’s how virtually everybody experiences life. 

Setbacks and resistance are totally normal, and a lot of times, if we learn to lean in during the down periods, we can build up our own authority and do the deep work that’s necessary to get to the next level of our personal development. 

If you’re feeling like you’re in the valley, don’t despair. That’s where you do the work that sets you up for the next breakthrough. It’s actually what allows you to break through the ceiling of your last all-time high and climb to the next peak of success. If you can lean in during these low times– if you can learn about yourself and what it takes to grow in that area to have the breakthrough, you’re not just going to climb to the next breakthrough. You’ll also have the tools to work through the next low, and you’ll typically never go below where you were previously. Once you hit your lowest low, the next valley won’t seem so deep.

Notice The Signs of Resistance

Sometimes in our day-to-day life, it can be hard to take that step back and really see the big picture of where our personal growth or business growth is actually leading us. When we feel like we’re at a low point, it can be really tempting to throw in the towel and give up. You might feel like you want to return to your comfort zones or focus only on the areas of your life that are going well. When you feel like giving up, that’s where you really need to lean in. 

You have a lot of tools you can use to help overcome and fight resistance. One of these is hope. Hope can help you push against the chains that are holding you back. The pushing and hoping mean that you haven’t given up! Pushing, even if it doesn’t get you where you want to be immediately, helps you build up strength. With hard work and a hopeful mindset, you will be able to push back against the things holding you down and develop the strength to burst through them to your next peak. 

If you’re having a hard time pushing and building the strength for your next breakthrough, you can look back at your history. Look how far you’ve come and how strong you’ve been. You’re tougher and more resilient than you think!

Get A Coaching Call

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