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How To Make Money on TikTok WITHOUT A Single Dance Move with Lindsay Van Zyl

Is TikTok just for 15-year-olds who have good dance moves? Or, could it be the next best MOVE for your business or side hustle for more profits!?

For most people, the terms “TikTok” or “Short-Form Content” instantly bring up hesitation and reservation. We totally understand, we used to feel the same way! When Chelsey first started posting on TikTok, the same “walls” and limiting beliefs started to pop up along the way. If you can relate, and you are ready to overcome those fears, this episode is for you! 

Our guest today, Lindsay Van Zyl had a very similar experience as well. She didn’t know if TikTok would be the right platform to grow her business and get her message out to the world. She wondered, are my “people” even there? She quickly got her answer, and it was a resounding YES! 

Fast forward to today and now she is making thousands of dollars a month by sharing her voice with those who need to hear it. During our powerful conversation, you’ll hear more about Lindsay’s journey with business and content creation, and what she has learned along the way that every Rainmaker should know. 

You may remember Lindsay from episode 22 called “What You Wish Your Kids Would Tell You Being RAISED By Entrepreneurs” where she and her husband joined us and shared tips for all parents who are also Entrepreneurs. They shared so much wisdom that it is still one of our most loved episodes! If you haven’t heard it yet, click here.

You’ll also hear tips and insider tricks on how to get your content to the right audience, what is currently working with the 2022 algorithms, how to take the content you may already have and repurpose it, where to start if you are a newbie and so much more! 

More of What’s Inside:

  • What most people don’t understand about short-form content 
  • Common misconceptions about TikTok (and other platforms) 
  • How to make money with TikTok $$$
  • Get your face on camera and start connecting.
  • Why “going viral” is not the goal
  • Lindsay’s tips for creating content on a weekly basis.
  • What brings you joy about your business?
  • what brings you joy about your business 
  • How to approach something new with more bravery
  • And more!

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    Episode: minute by minute 

    • 0:53 Welcome back Lindsay! 
    • 1:30 Why TikTok may be a great fit for your business (yes, even yours!)
    • 6:23 Why short-form content is working 
    • 8:30 How Lindsay’s business starts to blow up 
    • 13:15 How to leverage your current content in new ways 
    • 18:55 The power of knowing your ideal audience 
    • 22:19 The ROI of serving and adding value 
    • 31:23 Allow yourself just to be YOU!
    • 38:11 How to start freeing up your time as a content creator 


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