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How To MAKE MONEY Dropshipping Amazon Products on Facebook Marketplace | STEP BY STEP

We are so excited to share this blog with you today because we had a Rainmakers Masterclass with Travis of the Marketplace Multiplier, and these are the tips he shared with us as he walked us through how to use Amazon to dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace. 

Now I know in the past we have not pushed for  dropshipping because of how messy things can get. There were people shipping from overseas, long wait times, customer service problems, and it was a lot of work. This time however, we are dealing with two very large, regulated and trusted brands; Facebook and Amazon.

If you are new to Facebook Marketplace or have items you can’t get to move, check out our video in the link below to get a better understanding of the platform, how to use it, and how to hack your convergence rating and get your items seen more often. 

For this topic though, we are talking about dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace.

The number one question Travis said that he gets is, “What is dropshipping?”. 

Here’s a quick visual and explanation of what dropsharing is and how to we’ll be using it on Facebook.

Credit: Travis with Marketplace Multiplier

  1. We start with customer clicking on your store (Facebook Marketplace in this case)
  2. They see what they want from your store/listing, pay you, then you go to the supplier (Amazon) and make the purchase. 
  3. The supplier (Amazon) then sends the item straight to the customer

What we are doing is basically giving free advertisement to brands, by posting their item on a different platform, but marking it up just enough that we get paid for it. As an Amazon seller myself, I would be phenomenally happy if someone used my product to do this and boost my sales. 


A few tips to get you ready, and know what to sell before we go through the posting process. 

  • If you can, get the Amazon credit card. You make 5% back on Amazon purchases, so if you use this card to make the purchase for your customer, you’ll be making 5% of it back, plus whatever you make on the sale. One of Travis’ students did this and earned over $100,000 back on all the purchases he was making from the card in one year. If you use the customer’s money to pay off the card before the 30 period, you’ll also avoid paying any interest. 
  • Join as many Buy Sell Trade groups as you can. The more groups you are in, the more places you’ll be able to post your listing making it more visible and open for more sales.
  • Look around those Buy Sale Trade Groups and see what items are getting 20 or more comments saying “interested” and find that item to list. 
  • In the same way, you can look at the Amazon best sellers using the Helium10 extension on Chrome and then use those top sellers to post on Facebook Marketplace as well. 
  • Think of upcoming holidays and look at home decor for that Holiday. Home decor is a huge seller. 
  • If you have your own item to sell, try to bundle it in with the Amazon item you’re selling and kill two birds with one stone. 

Now that you know what to sell, let’s get it listed. 

  1. Go to Amazon and search for your item
  2. Screenshot and crop each photo from the listing and save to your camera roll. (It’s really important to crop the photo down to just the item, because you don’t necessarily want someone to see it’s from Amazon or see that it is slightly cheaper there. This is not lying or being shady. Again, you are giving free marketing for this person, so the markup is your price for doing a service for them. 
  3. Copy the Item name/title straight from the Amazon listing, but leave out the brand name/seller name. 
  4. Go to Facebook Marketplace (From here on out this is going to be in the order it appears on the mobile app. This may be slightly different than the order listed on the desktop site.)
  5. Tap “Sell”
  6. Add photos you cropped and choose the order you want them to be seen in
  7. Title the item (Here you are going to copy the title you pasted from Amazon. It may be more characters than Facebook allows in a title, so if this is the case just shorten it up until it fits, but still makes sense.)
  8. Price (Mark item up $10-$50 depending on what it is)
  9. Category (Here you will chose a main category, ie home decor, and then narrow it down from there just by tapping through the options it gives you
  10. Condition (When dropship from Amazon you will always click new)
  11. Location (Both desktop and mobile versions make you enter a location)
  12. Description (Go back to amazon and copy product description from there and paste it into this spot. Then at the end if you like, you can put that the item is Crossposted (posted in more than just Marketplace) and your preferred payment and shipping information. 
  13. Tags (There are not premade tags so think about what you would type in when searching for that item and add those)
  14. Listing (Here you will choose if it is a single item or if it is an item in stock. When selling from Amazon always choose “In Stock” for as long as the seller has it in stock. 
  15. Check box on Porch Drop or Pick up Preference (we will leave this box unchecked since we will be using Amazon’s free shipping to get the item to the customer.) 
  16. Option to hide from friends (If you chose to turn this feature on, you will not be able to post in other BST groups that you are part of so go ahead and leave this feature on)
  17. Publish

That’s how you post your item on Facebook Marketplace. Give it a little time and soon you’ll have messages from people interested. Once they message you, decide on payment method, whether it be Facebook Pay, Venmo, ChasApp, whatever that way you can get your money and order their item quickly. Also use this time in the message to tell them that currently you are only offering shipping due to Covid, but that shipping is free and will be there in about 2-3 days. If you have Amazon Prime, shipping is already free and that time frame should work well for them.

You may be thinking, “what if someone finds it weird that their item came in an Amazon box?” According to Travis very rarely will people notice or care, but just in case someone does ask about it, be honest and tell them that doing it that way made it cheaper on shipping fees for the both of you. 

As we went through this call with Travis 2 of our Masterclass members actually made a sale during the call! That is how fast you can start making money with this method. For those that were on the call and tried it out, we saw some amazing success stories. We had stories of people making $600 in one week, $3,172 in five days, $2,500 in one week, and even one who started doing this full time and made $8,900 in one month and only worked on it two days a week! Those are crazy, amazing success stories. 

If you do this and start gaining a lot of tractions but don’t feel like making it your full time gig, think of how you can pay it forward a bit. Hire a trusted teenager, friend, or freelancer (again a trusted person) who is good with a phone to run it for you. They will be learning a valuable skill and you will literally be making without even doing anything.

We really want to thank Travis for joining us and sharing his tips and tricks with us. Check out the links below to see his classes and resources,

If you use these methods, or find something else that works well let us know! We love to hear your success stories and celebrate “Making it rain” with you. 



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