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How to Boldly Unlock a Growth Mindset

On your journey to success, it’s not enough to be focused on the process. You will often need to push yourself outside of your comfort zone, and this means that you’ll often find yourself dealing with fear. This week, we want to talk about those bad feelings. With the help of Nora McIntosh, we’ve come up with some amazing ways for you to beat those “new adventure” jitters and take hold of your life.

The Growth Mindset v Fixed Mindset

In life, one of the biggest challenges we all face is the fixed mindset. When things are fine, we often tend to settle. Even if we’re not exactly happy, we’ll stay in the same place. It’s comfortable, and we don’t need to work or worry much about where our next paycheck will come from.

However, we can’t grow this way! To reach your true potential, you need to be ready to live the growth mindset approach.

1. Recognize Imposter Syndrome

When you begin your journey, no matter what it may be, you’ll probably feel a bit of imposter syndrome. Surrounded by successful people, you may feel as if you aren’t worthy of the same resources or achievements. This isn’t true!

While chasing her dream of being a published author, Nora signed up for a writing class. Once there, she realized that she felt out of place. She felt like she was a novice in a room of professionals. Fortunately, she pushed through this discomfort. She reminded herself that she, too, can become one of the successful people with enough work.

This is an essential piece of the growth mindset. You must be ready to take hold of your destiny and break free of your comfort zone.

2. Everyone Has Imposter Syndrome

Nora isn’t the only person who suffers from imposter syndrome, and she won’t be the last. Everyone has it, and it’s impossible to truly overcome it. Even we, as Rainmakers, have our moments of doubt.

Instead of fighting it, embrace it! Take that fear and shape it into progress. The goal is not to become overly confident, it’s to become the best version of yourself that you can be to serve others.

3. Realize There is No Failure

Another crucial step in cultivating a growth mindset is to realize that there’s no such thing as failure. When you fail, you’ve had the opportunity to learn something. You may learn what sort of things work, and you’ve probably learned which approaches to avoid in the future.

Remember: when you were a kid, you often learned more from your mistakes than your proven successes. That’s because you were bold and curious. Rekindle that childlike curiosity and embrace the unease of change! When we feel scared or frightened, it’s often because we don’t know what to expect. That’s okay! The future is uncertain, but you can take charge of it by following your dreams.

As Nora said in our podcast: there is no easy, only destiny.

4. Push Yourself and Talk with Others

Like many folks, Nora also suffered from a sense of shyness.

However, to truly achieve her goals, she forced herself to speak with the people around her. She learned things about these folks, and they taught her what they knew. Many years after that fateful writing class, she remains great friends with many of the people she met there.

Even Stephen has suffered from this! In his personal life, he prefers to be more of an introvert. He likes his alone time, and he needs space to recharge after big social events. However, to truly succeed, he realized that he had to pivot to become an ambivert. This extroversion may not be the most comfortable place for him, but it’s where he needs to be to reach his goals.

When you’re chasing a dream, you’ll often need to step outside of your comfort zone. Embrace your fear and take the leap, because that split section decision is going to be what changes your dream into your reality.

5. Make an Investment in Yourself

Like Nora shared with us in The Rainmaker Family Channel,  the best thing you can do is invest in yourself. Whatever your dream may be, take the time to sign up for a course. If your goal is to create a legacy of generational wealth and reclaim your free time, then it’s time for you to take The Rainmaker Challenge. Our seven-day crash course gives you the tools to become a true entrepreneur and regain your family time. Ready to overcome your fears of living bolder? Sign up today!

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