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How to Live a Life of Freedom as a Business Owner

As a human being, your ultimate goal is to live a life where you can realize your dreams and goals while providing invaluable services to the world around you. Life doesn’t always place nice, though; it can be challenging to tell where to go next when you’re in the thick of it. 

We interviewed a friend and fellow entrepreneur, Rebecca Tracey, and talked about her journey from living in a van to her present life as a small business owner. Let’s take a look at what she has to say about running a service-based business.

Introducing Rebecca Tracey

Of course, Rebecca wasn’t always the successful entrepreneur she is now. At the start of her career, she was a counselor for the suicide hotline. While this didn’t end up being the job for her, it taught her something invaluable: the importance of empathy, even in the professional world.

One day, Rebecca decided that the life she was living wasn’t for her and set out to make a change. As a natural risk-taker, she founded a business and moved into a camper van to make as drastic a change as possible. Though she doesn’t recommend this to everyone, it worked out exceptionally well for her. Today, she runs Unchained, her small business, as a highly successful entrepreneur.

1. Making a Start

Rebecca believes that one of the most challenging roadblocks to overcome as an entrepreneur are the feelings of self-doubt and imposter syndrome that come at the very start. Let’s be frank: starting your own business is a massive commitment, and there’s no shame in feeling anxious about it. 

A lot of this comes from our fear of judgment. We’re afraid that people we’re close to will judge our endeavor and think we’re stupid for pursuing it. However, Rebecca stated how important it is to get on your feet to overcome doubt. Ask yourself the question: so what? So what if people think your idea isn’t worthwhile? What if people think you’re stupid for trying it? No matter what you hear at first, someone will always be interested in what you have to say, do, or offer. Learn to focus on finding them instead of listening to the negativity surrounding you.

As an entrepreneur, your work is service-based, meaning that someone needs the service you provide. Rebecca put it this way: imagine your audience is someone who just cut their finger, and your services are a band-aid. If you see someone bleeding and you have a band-aid ready, you don’t worry about whether or not offering it to them would be pushy or weird; you go and offer it. If you wouldn’t hesitate to provide someone with a band-aid, you shouldn’t hesitate to provide your audience with your services.

Someone may be looking for the exact service you provide, but they’ll never find it if you don’t get your name out there. Don’t be afraid to speak up!

2. Use the Network You Have

Building a network of people and fellow entrepreneurs can take a lot of work for a small business owner. However, the mistake many new entrepreneurs make goes back to our point about overcoming doubt: we’re often afraid to ask the people we’re close to, such as our friends and family. 

Everyone has a network of people, whether they realize it or not. And telling people you know about your business doesn’t have to be sales-y or invasive. When you ask a family member or friend if they’re interested in your brand, the worst they can say is no. In a very positive scenario, however, you could gain a new customer or be connected to an even more comprehensive network through the people you ask.

3. Create a Community

From there, you can speak to a much wider group of people by fostering a sense of community within your network. Rebecca’s business, Unchained, empowers groups of people to become their best selves and pursue mental, emotional, and financial freedom. The key to fostering this community is finding your niche. Rebecca has found her ideal audience, allowing her to speak frankly with her clients and understand them on a much more personal level. 

Of course, you can also use the Internet to do this. Online communities are constantly growing and are an excellent way for people who have yet to meet each other to get in touch and form connections. Try making a social media post here and there! People interested in your business will gravitate toward your brand, allowing you to build your network and serve more clients than ever before.

Are you ready to start your own business and find financial freedom while serving others? Start your Rainmaker journey and find out how you can craft a life of freedom and abundance for you and your family.

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