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How to Get an Invite to Clubhouse

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new platform that is making quite the buzz lately called Clubhouse. Clubhouse is an audio only platform that uses a lot of app stacking to create “rooms” that you can enter and listen to conversations, classes, news, tips, webinars, podcasters, behind the scenes, you name it! 

Part of the reason Clubhouse is so intriguing right now, is because it’s still in Beta so you can only use it on iOS and it’s currently invite only which is exactly why everyone wants in. The FOMO is real with this app, so let’s jump right in and see how to get your invite, as well as get a jumpstart on growing your followers and monetization strategy before it opens up to everyone.

Downloading the right app.

This may seem like a no brainer, but there are several copycat apps out there and Clubhouse has changed their app picture several times, so don’t be fooled! 

Scroll past the ads and tap on Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat and make sure the developer is Alpha Exploration Co. (You can find the developer name right under the name of the app when you tap on it.) Once you have it downloaded go ahead and enter your phone number and click on “reserve username”.

Find someone you know on the app.

Since this is invite only, you have to know someone who is already in Clubhouse that will nominate you or let you in. The best way to do this is to post on your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, whatever platform you have, and simply ask “Who has Clubhouse and are you willing to let me in?” Put this post out on all of your platforms and you’ll find both people who are on and will let you in, plus others who are also looking for a way in. This will be crucial once you are in, so seriously post it everywhere.

Make sure your “in” has your contact information. 

This is where you want to make sure that your “in” is someone that you trust, and not just a random person that commented on your post. They will need to have your phone number in their phone and have their contacts synced to the app. Some people choose not to have their contacts associated with the app so double check with your person that they are synced up. 

The reason that you will need them to be synced up, is so after you have your username reserved, it will show up on their end with a notification that someone in their contacts has “joined” Clubhouse. Then they can click on your name and nominate you in. 

Get in and start growing.

Once you get in, start making connections! The cool thing about Clubhouse is that when you connect with someone, they stay connected with you forever and you have access to the people and rooms they are connected with. 

This is where you go back to the posts you made on Facebook and Instagram and you look for all those people who were also asking for a way in. Pay it forward and get those people in with you, (as long as you trust them of course, since you’ll need to share contact info) and grow your network. The more people you add and connect with, the bigger your influence will be and the more rooms you’ll be able to unlock. All of this before it’s even open to everyone! You could very easily make yourself a Clubhouse influencer.


That’s how to get in and start growing on Clubhouse! 

Once  you get in make sure to follow @steezdiaz (shameless plug, what can I say?) so you can get connected with, and have access to rooms with the big dogs. Remember those connections stay with you in your network, so getting in these rooms and unlocking those conversations can be huge! 

Welcome to the Club. We can’t wait to hear from you and see you in those rooms, joining in and creating conversations.

For more ways to use Clubhouse, grow your influence, and even predictions on how they may allow you to monetize it, check out the videos below to get you started. – How to use Clubhouse and things to avoid – How to grow your following.

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