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How To Create & Organize a Work-From-Home Space

As more mamas continue to work from home in the digital age, we must take action to carve out a dedicated workspace for ourselves. Creating a home office that brings you joy and inspires productivity can lead you to accomplish your dreams and develop a better relationship with the workweek. If you’ve been seeking a healthier work-life balance and need tips to organize your dedicated workspace, look no further! 

Today, we’ll be discussing how you can create a comfortable, productive workspace to work hard and achieve your goals. Feel free to get your DIY Home Office Design Free Guide here.

Find What Brings You Joy

If you’re feeling uninspired by your workspace, it might be time to consider a little makeover! As you’re designing and organizing your home office, how can you bring personal joy into your workspace? Hopefully, incorporating creative elements into your space brings you moments of joy, even as you enter “work mode.” For instance, consider adding small mementos to your desk that relate to your brand, holding personal significance whenever you enter your workspace.

If you aren’t sure what things might bring you joy, try reconnecting with your younger self. As a kid, did you have any entrepreneurial dreams? Often, the dreams we had when we were younger carry into our present-day selves. If you’re feeling stuck, perhaps you don’t know your ‘why’ just yet. Once you map out your ‘why,’ then you can begin to optimize your workspace!

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Create a Productive Space

Your office is supposed to be the place where you maximize productivity. While having a pretty home office can be fun and motivating on its own, function usually ranks higher! You need to be sure that your work-from-home space helps you achieve what you want it to achieve.

For example, determine what feelings you want to evoke from your workspace. Perhaps you do your best work in a calm setting with minimal decor. If that’s the case, you may not want bold colors in your workspace or ample shelving. Think of your office as a tool, and eventually, it can become the center of your business!

Use Your Space to Achieve Your Goals

Now that you’ve thought about how you want to feel in your workspace, continue to connect with your ‘why.’ Often, your ‘why’ traces back to the needs of your business, yourself, and your family. Be sure that you have easy access to your workspace by determining a functional location before you focus on personalization.

When you choose an area of your home in which to be productive, you’re not necessarily stuck with that space. Workspaces are fluid. You may move locations or alter the interior design later, but for now, send personal signals to yourself that the designated spot you chose is your current workspace. For example, maybe you have a favorite desk chair or need a physical divider, such as a curtain, to remind you of your work zone. Use any helpful reminders you can to illustrate that this is your space. 

Take Labels Off Home Spaces 

Many of us tend to assign labels to the areas in our homes. Who said there were rules? You can always repurpose rooms, especially a home office! Perhaps you can use your dining room or a spare closet as your home office. Whatever room you choose, make it your own so you feel comfortable and productive heading into the workday. If you have a family, make your work schedule known to them by emphasizing the importance of a distraction-free work environment. 

And if you’re able, avoid putting your home office in your bedroom. You deserve to carve out relaxation time at home by making sure that not every space is associated with your work schedule. Separating relaxation time from work with a designated workspace is key to a positive work-life balance. 

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The Importance of Your Zoom Screen

For many people, Zoom meetings are now a common part of their work schedule. If you’re working from home and participate in frequent Zoom meetings, perhaps you want to consider using a professional backdrop. 

While digital backdrops on Zoom are perfectly acceptable, you may also consider purchasing a real backdrop or designing a wall that’s dedicated to your Zoom meetings. If you have a personal business, maybe your backdrop includes a subtle element of your brand, such as your brand’s colors. Even in a virtual meeting, it’s important to make a positive, long-lasting impression on the people who see your office and become familiar with your brand. 

After all, your home workspace should still reflect you and your brand’s personality. What functional design elements will make you feel most comfortable in your home office? 

For more tips on designing your home workspace and growing your own business, an interior designer from our Rainmaker community put together this free guide for you! 

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