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How to Create Abundant Money Miracles on Facebook marketplace Through Dropshipping with Randen Kovacevic

Hey guys! It’s Stephen and Chelsey back with another episode of the Rainmaker Family podcast. If you have been listening for a while, you already know that we only introduce you to the entrepreneurs and creatives that we know can help get you to the next level! That’s why we know you’re going to love this episode. 

Today we talk to Erik Sorenson! Erik is a Father of 10, ran his own ad agency, bought and sold seven-figure businesses, and worked with brands including large names like Golds Gym, Walt Disney, and even in the FBI! It’s safe to say with a resume (and grocery bill) like that, we could all learn a few life hacks from Erik!

Erik has lived the millionaire lifestyle, felt the risk and reward of entrepreneurship, and now shares his wisdom in a life hacking community that teaches mindset skills and strategies to entrepreneurs. 

This is an episode that will leave you with the confidence to leave your comfort zone and take immediate action on that thing that may have been sitting in the back of your mind. There is so much wisdom and practical practice in this episode that you do not want to miss it!

So hit play and join the conversations as Erik unpacks the essentials all entrepreneurs need to know! 

More Of What We Talk About:

  • Taking a business from nothing to something
  • How Eric made a profit that allowed him to live “the dream” 
  • Encountering risk as an entrepreneur
  • What happens when your high turns into rock bottom
  • How to rise from adversity 
  • Finding joy in the journey
  • Life hacking vs life hacks 
  • Avoiding the hamster wheel in life 
  • How great ideas are born from struggle 
  • Making a commitment to something that makes you uncomfortable 
  • And Much More! 



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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 What to expect today
  • 1:28 Conversations starts
  • 2:00 A look into Erik’s journey
  • 5:30 How having kids can positively affect your business
  • 8:02 From income, to impact. 
  • 15:44 It’s not about the ending, it’s about the journey.
  • 18:40 What “life-hacking” is all about
  • 20:38 One life hack everyone needs to hear
  • 26:36 How to connect with Erik

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