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How to Build a Business as a Mom: Consistency Over Perfection

It’s hard to be a mom.

It’s hard to build a business.

Trying to do both of these things at the same time may seem like the perfect formula for a nightmare, but there are ways it can be done! If you’re a working mother hoping to find more time for family and scale back on your working hours, then building a business may be one of your best bets.

This approach requires a lot of upfront investment, but the stream of passive income that will come in afterward is always worth the effort.

To help you reach this goal, we sat down with Suzy Weeks, who has given us plenty of tips and tricks on maximizing your time. In just one year, Suzy can supercharge your efforts, and she’s given us some of her secrets.

The Importance of Routine

One of the most important things for any business owner to have is a consistent routine.

Suzy opened up to us, and she told us of her struggles with perfectionism. She felt that she was constantly setting herself back with her efforts to make the perfect business. She was always tweaking this or that, and she never really had time to fix the bigger problems.

To overcome this, she started to create routines. She blocked out her days according to what was needed, and she stuck to the schedule.

This rigid conformity allowed her to work her own way, but it also gave her space to step back from her perfectionism. If something wasn’t finished by the time her alarm went off, then it was meant for another day.

Routines Create Consistency

Another benefit of having a routine is that Suzy had designated time to work on major issues.

As she started her business, one of the biggest problems that Suzy ran into was supply. She could never keep things in stock, and this left customers feeling frustrated.

However, when she began to create a routine, it gave her plenty of time to start researching manufacturers. In just one year, she put countless hours into learning about supply, demand, and manufacturing. She took this information and used it to find the perfect manufacturer, and she ultimately ended up teaming up with them!

From there, her business boomed! Customers were able to buy what they wanted, and they were delivered the highest quality items.

Collective Habits Have Power

Another lesson that Suzy learned was the power of collective routines.

Being in Los Angeles, she was used to a chaotic lifestyle. Even scheduling something a week in advance could be a tricky endeavor.

That’s why she started to work with her community of fellow business moms to create routines that everyone stuck to. Everyone was doing the same thing, and it create a sense of fellowship and unity that really pushed everyone to strive for the best. Together, this community creates amazing things, and businesses thrived under this informal leadership.

However, what would happen if this was done on an institutional level?

As a company, having everyone follow the same routine can really amplify the effects of everyone’s work. It streamlines the process, and it gives everyone a clear order of operations. When x is finished, work on y. When you’re finished with y, move to z.

Together, all of these processes culminate in a well-oiled machine, and the changes that you’ll see from this efficiency won’t take long to manifest!

Take a Leap

Finally, Suzy said something that we’re always saying: have faith.

It’s scary to run a business. You’re investing all of this money and time into something that might work. You could have put that cash into a house or your kid’s college fund, but you’re investing it in this venture instead.

That’s terrifying!

However, if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to take risks. You need to have faith that your skills are enough, and you need to have faith in the process.

The Rainmaker Difference

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