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How To Brand Your Small Business for Success

When you’re building your business, one of the first things you’ll probably think about is your brand. How will you present yourself and your business to the world? Sometimes, you’ll find that you may need to revamp that image, and that’s where experts, like Rachel Jenks, help out.

We sat down with Rachel and asked her all about branding and rebranding, and we’ve rounded up her best tips, tricks, and hints to help you succeed. If you’re thinking about rebranding, read this first! You’ll be amazed at how much of a difference it will make.

Rethink Branding

Rachel’s first and biggest tip was to rethink branding.

We’re not marking cattle anymore, so your brand should be more than just an image or a mission statement. Your brand also needs to include your overall service and experience. As nice as it is to have a polished logo, it won’t mean much if your product and customer service is terrible!

When you’re branding your business, you want to think of ways that you can put your mark on the customer. By providing amazing services and products, your brand attracts consumers who know that they are getting the best available option.

For example,here at The Rainmaker Family, we do a few things for our amazing mastermind students. First of all, we make you feel special. We make sure that you know we’re here for you, and we give you your very own Rainmaker cape. This is part of our brand, but it’s also part of building an experience for you, our customers! These little touches may not be part of what most people think of when they’re talking about branding your business, but they’re just as important!

Create an Identity

Sometimes, what you need isn’t a total rebrand. Instead, you need to focus on your mission and identity. After all, why rebrand when you can rethink your direction? Rachel gave us some amazing tips about brand identity, and all of these are great things to think about when you’re building your small business branding.

Own Your Differences

Rachel emphasized to us that a business is an extension of the owner. You want your brand to resonate with you because customers are psychologically drawn to businesses with a matching mission and brand.

In her personal life, Rachel related that she was often seen as different. While this resulted in many hurt feelings during her childhood, she quickly learned that the things that set her apart as a child are what make her shine as an adult! Embrace your differences and incorporate them into your company!

Be Unique

To own your differences, you’ll often have to take the less-traveled path. In the realm of business branding, this will often mean that you’ll pick less conventional routes to promote, market, and expand your business.

In our online world, many businesses have what Rachel calls a “chameleon problem.” This means that they will see something working for one brand and attempt to copy it. Instead, Rachel says that you should take notes from successful businesses and find ways to implement their success while maintaining your own unique identity.

Think of Your Brand as a Person

Finally, Rachel told us a tip that we’ve never thought of before: think of your brand as a person.

When you’re describing a friend, you won’t tell us about what they wear. Instead, you’ll tell us what they’re like! When you’re branding for a small business, you’ll need to know these personal details. All of these little details are important, and they help draw people in.

Similarly, you should think of yourself when you’re building your brand. What are your goals? Incorporate these into your business! Studies have shown that brands that align with their goals and ideals are more appealing to consumers, so this readjustment can dramatically increase your success.

Learn from Experts

Finally, if you’re starting to ramp up efforts to create a brand for your business, it’s time to enlist some expert tips. Join us, the Rainmakers, and learn more about using passive income to create a legacy of generational wealth for your family! We love to see members of our family succeed, and we pride ourselves on the success that many of our clients have achieved.

If you’re ready to really boost your business, take the Rainmaker Family Challenge! This seven-day course will give you the tools you need to succeed in any business. We talk about far more than just branding, so there’s something for everyone in this course.

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