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How to Balance Business & Family as a Mama

Running a business is hard. Between keeping track of expenses and managing your time wisely, it may seem that there’s not enough time in the day to handle everything. One of the main reasons for this is a poor work-life balance.

As a family, we believe that the ultimate goal in life is to have more time to spend with your kids. That’s why we host our classes and record our podcasts. Our goal is to make sure you can do what we have done: make the most of your time without sacrificing your financial stability.

Know Your Value

The most important part of establishing financial independence while retaining time with your family is to know your value. Your time is worth far more than you realize. Whether you’re running a business, dropshipping, or taking on bookkeeping tasks, you need to charge what you’re worth.

There are a few ways you can approach this task, but the first step you should take is to establish a base pay. Regardless of your compensation plan, you should always have a certain amount in mind that you must make for a task to be viable or worth your time. For dropshippers, this will translate into how much volume you can move and what the margins will be. Hourly working moms, meanwhile, will translate this into an hourly rate.

Never work for less than you are worth. Your time is valuable, and that value sometimes means that you’ll pass over a job. Not every task you are presented with is necessarily worth your time; sometimes, it’s better to ignore an option in favor of having some quality family time!

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Love What You Do

When it comes to work, it doesn’t have to be a pain. If you find something you’re passionate about, you’ll reap a great number of rewards in your daily life. Whether that means you’re doing a bit of bookkeeping on the side or cleaning, there’s something for everyone to love about life.

Complaining introduces negative energy into your life that you’re better off living without. Instead of complaining, apply yourself to learning more about what makes you happy. There’s certain to be a job out there that uses that skill.

This also ties into knowing that you are capable of great things! The biggest way to limit your earning potential is to doubt your skills. Regardless of where you are in life, you have value. Your experience and your knowledge are worth the rate you charge or the commission you take.

As you grow into your business, you should also know that your experience will entitle you to large cuts. The more efficient you are, the more work you can get done. Regardless of how much this makes you now, it’s always worth checking in and seeing if you should add more charges in the future or up your margins.

Balance Your Time

Regardless of how much you love your job, you will still need to carve out time for your family. The best way to do this is to create designated times or days of absolutely no work. Turn off your phone, mute your notifications, and walk away from the computer. Spend this tie with your family and do fun things!

The constant distraction of beeps and notifications is detrimental to your mental health, and it interferes with your family’s time together. If you really want to make sure that you don’t get distracted, it may be wise to disable all social media notifications on your phone. Instead, if you must see them, send them to your laptop or desktop. This way, you retain your phone for on-the-go communication without the interference of social media.

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Foster a Can-Do Attitude

Above all, the most important thing you’ll need to be a successful working mom is a positive attitude. You will run into hard times and obstacles, but you must never forget your value and your goals. No matter what comes your way, be sure to pick yourself up and dust yourself off.

For moms, some of the most common mental blocks they’ll face are:

  • Feeling inadequate
  • Feeling as if they’re overcharging for their services
  • Believing that they are not good enough
  • Worrying that they are not spending enough time with kids

All of these problems can be fixed with a bit of mental adaptation. When something goes awry, instead of wondering what you did wrong, ask what you can learn from the experience. When someone critiques your pricing model, remind yourself that your work deserves compensation.

Moreover, remember that you’re not alone! There are people to support you, from your family and friends to our resources. The Rainmaker Challenge is specially designed to help you boost your at-home earning potential without eating into your personal time. If you’re ready to take the plunge, then stop by and sign up to take the challenge today!

Couple With Young Child Working On Laptop

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