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How This Wild Creative and Momtrepreneur Keeps Everything Balanced

Hey guys! Stephen and Chelsey here with another power packed episode of the Rainmaker Family Podcast. 

Whenever we hear of someone wanting to work in the arts industry, it’s almost instinct to think “Oh poor thing will never be able to make ends meet.” and automatically lumping them into “the starving artist” category. 

Why is it that we don’t see art and creativity as valuable assets? We all need things that look cute and are eye-catching. We all enjoy watching people as they create and seeing the finished product. Yet too often we don’t see that creativity as a service of value, but rather something that should be donated. 

Today’s guest Helen Graham, owner of Crown Made, shares how to break out of the starving artist mindset and show people the value of art and creativity. 

Helen is a mom of two, a business owner, and community creator. From a young age she had artistic ability and passion, but didn’t always have the support behind it. Once she became a mom she stayed home and tried the online grind, but wasn’t satisfied. She knew that in order to be her best mom and best self, she had to take a bold leap. 

Join us as we hear Helen’s journey into entrepreneurship, the power of women in business, the worth of creativity, breaking free of mom-shaming, and the community she has created with her art. 

Get ready to be encouraged, and challenged in today’s episode of the Rainmaker Family Podcast. 


More of What We Talk About:

  • Trying to do the online grind as a stay at home mom
  • Desiring more than starving artist mentality
  • Academics being valued more than creativity 
  • Making others realize the value of creativity
  • Morphing from product into brand 
  • Using your comments, views, and dms to bolster business and community
  • Mothering in a business role 
  • The important piece of business that only women can offer
  • How to know when you need help balancing the roles of mom and business owner
  • Dropping the guilt and shame of being a working mom
  • Coming to terms with the transition
  • Embracing obscurity 
  • The Bob Ross mentality 
  • Dreaming forward
  • And more!



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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 Why to expect today
  • 1:40 Conversation starts
  • 7:00 What life looked like before Hellen became a mom
  • 12:15 The importance of passion in your journey 
  • 22:02 The similarities between entrepreneurship and motherhood
  • 28:27 Hellen’s tips for moms to rest and self-management
  • 39:00 Breaking mental barriers 
  • 43:00 Trust the process 
  • 46:00 What Hellen is dreaming about for 2021

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