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How I Went From Sleeping in My Car to Thriving with Amazon

Today, we’d like to introduce you to our friend Bradley Sutton. Bradley is no stranger to making money online. His first experience was selling on eBay in his late teens, and his first serious foray into the world of e-commerce was working with Hyundai to improve the American import market for aftermarket Hyundai parts. 

Bradley embodies the “how can I” mindset that’s so important for business– instead of getting bogged down by thinking “I can’t,” Bradley’s take on the world is “How can I do this thing? How can I make it happen?” Bradley is a lifelong learner, and we think his journey and mindset have a lot to teach us!

Attitude Is Everything

Bradley’s attitude towards business– and life– is this: Even if you’re unsure and have no idea what you’re doing, reframe your situation. Challenge yourself to learn or work at your situation for just 30 days, and then reward yourself when you get through it. This gives you a great sense of accomplishment and gives you something to build on. It’s a great motivator to push you towards what’s next!

In this case, “what’s next” is looking at how we can apply this attitude towards Amazon FBA. For a little bit more background, Bradley is the Director of Training at Helium 10. If you want to start or improve your Amazon FBA business and you don’t know about Helium 10, you definitely need to learn about it. It’s a commerce solution that provides everything that an Amazon seller needs to increase product listings’ ranking and revenue, and make selling on Amazon even easier. 

Amazon FBA: A Quick Introduction

If this is your first encounter with Amazon FBA, here’s a quick primer. More than half the products you see on Amazon aren’t owned by Amazon. Instead, these products are owned by normal people who just buy them from the factory, maybe put their label on them, and sell them through Amazon. Amazon handles the customer service and the warehousing, and they’ll even ship your products for you. With fulfillment by Amazon, they handle it all. You can even put your products up for Amazon Prime. Prime customers love the free shipping, and given how popular Prime is, it’s a great way to get your products out there.

Bradley’s FBA Story

Bradley actually started as an FBA seller after joining Helium 10, and what got him into Amazon was his e-commerce contacts from the early days of auto parts importing. One of his friends had started a new business manufacturing phone cases, and he turned his life upside down to make this business work. 

But where things really turned around was at a conference. This conference is an example of how being willing to take a risk can really pay off. Even though Bradley slept in a rental car for three days because he couldn’t afford to attend the conference and stay in a hotel, the results were worth it. By asking how he could make that conference work and not saying “Oh, I can’t go,” Bradley was able to learn about how to really make selling through Amazon stores work

For months after that, Bradley dedicated himself to learning and becoming an expert, and then he went to his old company– the phone case company– and became their consultant, turning the business around. He gained a reputation for being an expert in launching products and picked up other clients for consulting, and now he’s at Helium 10, going all in and giving people the right information.

And how does he keep that information fresh? He has his own Amazon seller account where he launches products. But he’s only been at that for a couple of years, and that’s our next lesson: lean into education. 

Dollars Follow Value

By helping others, Bradley’s learned a lot about how to launch quality products and keep up an FBA business. Having knowledge means that you can offer value– your worth isn’t just tied up in your business or inventory, but it’s also integrated into what you know. The more value you can offer to the marketplace, a business, or a partnership, the more dollars are going to flow from that.

Value can also be intangible. Bradley’s take on the perfect job is that the perfect job changes people’s lives. Value isn’t always financial; sometimes the value you give someone is hope, joy, time, or something else that’s timeless and priceless. This is a value that we really embrace, and it’s why we love helping our Rainmaker families grow and thrive in their businesses.


If Bradley’s story inspires you and you’re ready to start earning passive income and grow your family’s wealth, sign up for our Rainmaker challenge and learn how to make it rain!

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