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How a Girl Scout Leader Monetized Her Expertise and Created Passive Income Through Blogging w/ Jodi Hautala

In 2022 it feels like there are thousands of ways to get your message out to the world. Between Instagram, Facebook, Podcasting, YouTube, and new platforms coming online all the time it can be hard to know where to start. On today’s episode, we are going to talk about a tried and tested method to get your message across…blogging! 

Welcome back to another episode of the Rainmaker Family Show! If you’re new here, we’re all about helping families create income outside the normal nine to five. If you are ready to start a side hustle or create passive income you’re in the right place! When we first started our journey of making money online, some of the first dollars we generated were from blogging. Fast forward to today and blogging and the written word is still one of the most powerful tools for making money online. 

Don’t just take our word for it, ask Jodi Hautala! Jodi is our guest today and through serving her niche and staying consistent, she has mastered the art of blogging. Listen in to hear her best tips and tricks for any Mompreneurs who want to start or up-level their blogging career!

Blogging is so much more than choosing a URL or picking a pretty website. On this episode Jodi will share her experiences of what it really takes to be a successful blogger. The best part? You don’t need a large following or a broad topic to get started. Here at Rainmakers we love to say “the riches are in the niches” and Jodi is the perfect example of this! You’ll love how she took her skills and expertise as a Girl Scout Leader online and started serving powerfully throughout her network. Plus, hear how Jodi’s blogging journey is now helping her teach her kiddos valuable entrepreneur life experience! 

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, Girl Scout Leader, teacher, Amazon Seller, or thought leader…people need your expertise. We hope this episode inspires you to be bold, start typing away on your computer and get your skills out to those who need them!

You got this, Momma. 

If this episode helps you, we would love to hear from you! Send us your next blog so we can cheer you on. 🙂 Connect with us on Instagram @therainmakerfamily. Links below!

When you hit play you’ll get the scoop on:

  • What to outsource and when with your blog
  • How to deal with competitor blogs
  • Tips for repurposing your content on different platforms 
  • Leveraging affiliate opportunities
  • What it takes to start a blog
  • Your skills (even if they don’t seem like it) are valuable
  • The importance of choosing a niche
  • How to know a niche is underserved 
  • The best way to bring your kids into your business
  • And Much More! 


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Episode minute by minute:

  • 0:36 Welcome back! Here is what we are all about!
  • 1:19 The first time Stephen and Chelsey made money online
  • 1:44 How Jodi’s journey started
  • 5:28 How Jodi overcame the fear of competitors 
  • 6:00 How Jodi learned to monetize her blog
  • 8:43 Why defining your niche is so important
  • 13:39 Jodi’s tips for any mom who wants to make passive income
  • 17:04 How Jodi started getting traffic from Pinterest
  • 19:36 The first thing Jodi outsourced
  • 21:38 Keys for raising entrepreneurial kids 
  • 26:25 3 winning tips to start or up-level your blog

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