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Hilarious And Sometimes Frightening Stories of Being Married To an Entrepreneur w/ Matthew Parsons

Imagine being blindfolded on the back of a runaway motorcycle with no way to know if you will actually make it anywhere okay…If you are the spouse of an entrepreneur, that feeling may not be too far off from your normal day-to-day! 

Welcome back to another episode of the Rainmaker Family Show! Today we have our first REQUESTED guest. That’s right, we asked our community recently who we should have on the show. One comment caught our attention from an incredible Rainmaker, Renee Parsons! She lovingly nominated her husband Matthew to chat about what it’s like to be on the other side of a crazy entrepreneurial ride. 

We thought it was a great idea and knew we had to get him on the show! Help us welcome Matthew Parsons as he shares his hilarious and sometimes frightening stories of being married to an entrepreneur. If you are an Entrepreneur or Mompreneur yourself, we highly recommend getting your spouse and listening to this one together! 

Within minutes you’ll see how this episode will open up honest and fun conversations with every couple listening! It will have you both reminiscing of all the ups and downs of your own journey. (Even if you’re not married, this episode is GOLD if you plan on ever bringing someone along for your ride!)

Listen in to hear how Matthew found the faith to take the leap with his wife after she had an idea that would cost every dollar they had. Seriously, this idea was SO big it even drained the savings account they had been building for 10+ years in hopes of a new home. Hear the conclusion of this story and more! It’s safe to say that this kind of love, trust, and support is something that everyone could learn from. 

Matthew will be the first to say that being married to an entrepreneur has more positives than negatives, so he also shares a look into his professional journey and how entrepreneurship has helped him advance further faster. Plus, learn what the Parson family is up to today and his best tips for every spouse of an entrepreneur. We hope you enjoy this unique perspective!

PS: Matthew mentions a Crypto opportunity we found for our Rainmaker Community! If this piques your interest, we don’t want to leave you out. Check out the links below to learn more!

More Of What We Talk About:

  • Doing what it takes…together! 
  • How to handle your spouse’s crazy ideas
  • Building your generosity muscles
  • Trusting the process: it all works out
  • Communicating and leveraging your strengths
  • Remaining on the same team and in relationship
  • Letting your spouse have time to process
  • What we can learn from Amazon as entrepreneurs
  • Fun crypto information
  • And Much More! 


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    Episode: minute by minute 

    • 00:52 Get to know Matthew 
    • 02:07 The scary moments of being married to an entrepreneur
    • 07:47 The results of taking a leap of faith
    • 08:47 How Chelsey has grown to be an entrepreneur
    • 10:03 How to catch the vision WITH your entrepreneurial spouse
    • 15:15 You can be a risk-taker and make stable income
    • 19:27 Encouragement for the spouse of an entrepreneur

    Want to join the conversation face to face? Check out the video podcast now on our YouTube Channel!  

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