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Hanging With Millionaires – Nuggets We Are Taking Action On [and you should too]

The sun is out, the skies are clear and the smell of sunscreen is in the air. Of course, that means Summer is officially here!

In true Summertime fashion, we recently packed up the car and went on a family road trip all down the west coast. It was a great trip with lots of stops and memories made along the way. One of the things that made our trip so amazing was the fact that we were able to have the perfect blend of work and vacation.

In between family fun, we were able to attend and speak at two incredible events. First, we were able to speak at the virtual ClickFunnels 2CCX Mastermind event. This was a surreal experience for us because just a few years ago the roles were reversed and we were in the same mastermind learning from all the incredible speakers. Next on the trip, Stephen got to speak and train at Crush It LIVE. He broke down the key elements and steps we took to get where we are today for a group of on-fire entrepreneurs.

It was a week that felt like everywhere we turned there was another millionaire or master in their field. As you know we are huge believers in being a ‘lifelong learner’ and remaining curious when we are with people who are further ahead than us. So of course we weren’t going to let a second go to waste! We were so blessed to glean so much wisdom from others that when we were getting ready to head back home there were too many topics to cover and recap together.

Instead of keeping all this incredible knowledge, we learn to ourselves, we decided to let you in on the conversation!

In this episode, hear the best ‘nuggets’ we picked up after hanging with millionaires, what you can start taking action on today, exclusive highlights from our 2CCX talk and so much more! Hit play now to dive in,

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More of What We Talk About:

  • The secrets to marketing (seriously)
  • Behind the scenes at 2CCX 
  • The three things that can stumble an entrepreneur
  • A look into our family trip
  • How embracing fear can catapult you to new levels of success
  • Giving and learning grace for yourself
  • Just do it! Even if you haven’t before.
  • Online vs local business in 2021 
  • Invest in yourself, you are worth it!
  • The one thing all entrepreneurs should pay for
  • More ways to connect with Stephen and Chelsey 
  • Plus more!



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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:39 What to expect today!
  • 1:54 Listen in on our recent talk
  • 9:36 Recap of our family trip
  • 12:00 Action items we want to pass on
  • 12:54 The women behind your favorite events
  • 14:02 Three things can hold you back 
  • 17:42 Ask for permission 
  • 18:07 Getting to the root
  • 22:11 Listen to yourself talk
  • 24:07 Learning from people ahead of you
  • 26:40 The importance of getting around other entrepreneurial 
  • 29:54 Giving and delivering value

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