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Getting a $170,000 Class B RV Camper Van for FREE?!? | How To Win Dream Car Incentive Programs

Hi everyone! Today, I’m giving you a breakdown of how we got our $170,000 RV for free using a creative revenue stream involving affiliate marketing. Inside I’ll also give a rundown of other software and service companies that offer “dream car incentive programs” like Clickfunnels, Helium 10 and more!

Here’s links to all the company’s affiliate signups as well as time stamps for their particular breakdowns:

08:14 ➡ Option 1: Clickfunnels (online sales funnel builder)

Clickfunnels Affiliate Signup:

Clickfunnels Affiliate Community Group:

Best program to promote to your business owner friends as a Clickfunnels Affiliate:

Clickfunnels Dream Car Rules:

Affiliate Training by Clickfunnels:

13:02 ➡ Option 2: Kajabi (course builder / membership site software)

Kajabi Partner Program Information:

14:31 ➡ Option 3: Marketing Boost (vacation incentives)

Marketing Boost (affiliate link to their home page if you want to see more/give away free vacations as a part of your offers)

Affiliate Signup to Promote to other people who might want to promote (free, don’t even have to be a member to promote!!!)

17:12 ➡ Option 4: Helium 10 (#1 Software for Amazon FBA Sellers & Those Who Want To Learn About Selling on Amazon FBA)

Info about Helium 10’s affiliate program:

22:22 ➡ Want to do this too? Take notes of the pro tips at about 22min in 🙂 More videos coming soon on the specifics of how you too can build revenue streams through affiliate marketing and Amazon FBA.

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