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Future Self Mindset Hack For Showing Up Powerfully Today

Hey Rainmakers, get ready for an episode that’s going to change the way you think about your future. This week, we’re diving into a mindset hack that’s not just about dreaming big but becoming big – embodying your future self, now!

We are so inspired by Dr. Benjamin Hardy’s book, “Be Your Future Self Now.” that we had to break down this idea for you on the show! This isn’t about wishing for a better future; it’s about living it in your current choices. We share how this mindset shift has been a game-changer in decision-making, especially in areas like hiring for our business. It’s all about asking, “What would my future successful self do in this situation?”

We open up about our personal experiences, showing how visualizing your future self can help you tackle challenging situations with confidence and grace. It’s a powerful tool that turns intimidating scenarios into opportunities for growth and empowerment.

This episode isn’t just theory; it’s packed with practical insights! For instance, we give you strategies on how to dissociate from negative habits by envisioning your future impact! It’s about seeing the long-term effects of today’s choices – whether it’s about health, relationships, or business. This one tip can be a game changer! 

We also focus on the importance of vision. Setting goals and working backwards from your future self ensures your daily actions are moving you towards your dreams. Chelsey’s approach to social media, choosing authenticity over perfection, is a perfect example of this.

For all our entrepreneurs and parents working towards a successful future, this episode is for you! It’s not just about who you are today, but who you will become. So, hit play, take action on this mindset hack, and start living as our future selves today! 

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Episode: minute by minute 

  • 00:00 Introducing the Future Self Mindset Hack 
  • 00:48 Applying this Concept in Personal Life
  • 03:59 The Power of Vision Casting
  • 05:48 The Importance of Having a Vision for Your Future
  • 06:39 Practical Examples of Being Your Future Self
  • 08:14 Overcoming Obstacles and Building Consistency
  • 11:48 Applying the Concept in Business
  • 13:43 Conclusion and Putting this Mindset Hack Into Action!

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