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Functional Medicine for Entrepreneurial Women with Dr. Lo

Hey there, Rainmakers! This week, we’re taking a deep dive with Dr. Lauren Noel, a beacon of holistic health wisdom. If you’ve ever wondered how to harmonize your health with your hustle, this episode is your golden ticket. Dr. Lo opens up about her natural approach to wellness, sharing stories and strategies that could revolutionize how you see your health and productivity.

Imagine having a roadmap to navigate the complex world of naturopathy, with Dr. Lo guiding you through the importance of integrative testing, the power of a tailored diet, and holistic lifestyle changes. This isn’t just about avoiding illness; it’s about thriving in every area of your life. For our entrepreneur moms out there, Dr. Lo’s insights into stress management and maintaining energy are pure gold.

Dr. Lo’s journey from personal challenges to professional triumphs illustrates the profound impact of natural health practices. Her message? Vibrant health is accessible to everyone, and it starts with taking a comprehensive, personalized approach to wellness.

So, whether you’re a seasoned health enthusiast or just starting to explore the possibilities of naturopathic medicine, hit play, and prepare to be inspired. Dr. Lo’s wisdom is a reminder that investing in your health is the ultimate act of self-care and legacy building. Tune in now and discover how to elevate your health journey to new heights.

PS. If you’re considering collaborating with Dr. Lo, you can contact her via the link below. Please mention that you heard about her on the Rainmaker Family Show Podcast and don’t forget to mention Chelsey!

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Episode: minute by minute 

  • 00:00 Introduction to Dr. Lo! 
  • 01:33 The Impact of Dr. Lo’s Work
  • 04:25 Understanding Functional Medicine
  • 07:27 The Importance of Data in Health
  • 11:18 The Role of Stress in Health
  • 15:32 The Importance of Sleep and Exercise
  • 17:12 The Role of Diet in Health
  • 19:58 The Importance of Perception in Stress Management
  • 21:49 The Impact of Sleep on Weight Loss
  • 23:56 The Importance of Lifting Weights for Women
  • 26:05 The Role of Biohacking in Health
  • 30:29 Conclusion and How To Contact Dr. Lo

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