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From Single Mama Barista To Happily Married Millionaire with JaLynn Manser

Hey there Rainmaker Family! We are so excited to share our latest podcast with you! We had the pleasure of interviewing the amazing JaLynn Manser, a real estate mogul from Arizona who has achieved incredible success.

JaLynn’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. She started as a barista and a single mom, going through a tough divorce. But she didn’t let those challenges hold her back. Instead, she seized opportunities and turned her life around, becoming a millionaire through her real estate investments. Can you believe it?

But wait, that’s not all! During the episode, we were in for a delightful surprise when JaLynn’s husband, Kelly, joined in on the conversation. The story of how they met at a conference is like something out of a movie – a chance encounter that changed their lives forever!

JaLynn’s warmth and joy are infectious, and her journey from barista to millionaire will leave you feeling inspired and motivated. But it doesn’t end there. JaLynn shared invaluable wisdom on real estate investing, especially the power of leveraging other people’s money (OPM) through lease options.

Imagine this – you can control a valuable asset with just a security deposit while someone else pays your rent! JaLynn’s insight into leveraging OPM is a game-changer, and it’s something we’re eager to explore further.

JaLynn emphasizes that now is the perfect time to buy a home. Prices are likely to go up, and inventory is still low. It’s a buyer’s market, so hit the play button now to learn more!

They discuss the current market situation, how interest rates were higher in the past, and how it’s an ideal time for buyers. Sellers are offering concessions and help with down payments.

JaLynn also shares her spiritual journey, the importance of staying positive, and surrounding yourself with like-minded people to overcome obstacles.  If you are interested in investing or learning more about the housing market or just need some mindset training this episode is for you! Hit the play button now to find out more! 

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Episode: minute by minute 

  • 0:00 Introduction to the podcast and the special guest JaLynn, and Kelly, who joins later in the episode.
  • 1:50 Stephen and Chelsey introduce their guest, JaLynn Manser, a top 1% real estate investor in Arizona.
  • 3:22 JaLynn shares her remarkable journey from being a barista and single mom to becoming a millionaire through real estate.
  • 6:12 JaLynn talks about her transition from a barista to a title rep and eventually venturing into real estate.
  • 10:30 JaLynn discusses the power of leveraging other people’s money in real estate investing and shares examples of successful strategies.
  • 14:24 JaLynn explains various ways to invest in real estate without using your own money, including lease options and leasing arbitrage.
  • 17:48 Stephen and Chelsey inquire about JaLynn’s advice for investing in luxury properties and destinations.
  • 17:50 JaLynn discusses the importance of building relationships in real estate investing and shares how she connected with her business partners.
  • 21:10 JaLynn emphasizes the value of education and continuous learning in the real estate industry.
  • 23:30 JaLynn talks about the challenges she faced during her journey and how she overcame them with perseverance and mindset shifts.
  • 26:15 JaLynn gives advice to those starting in real estate, including the significance of taking action and finding a mentor.
  • 29:05 Stephen and Chelsey express gratitude to JaLynn for sharing her knowledge and inspiring journey.
  • 30:40 JaLynn explains how listeners can connect with her and access her educational resources.
  • 32:20 JaLynn shares her vision for the future and the impact she aims to make in the real estate world.
  • 34:35 Stephen and Chelsey conclude the podcast episode with final thoughts and thank the audience for tuning in.

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