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From Homeless Shelters to Multigenerational Impact Makers with Sebastian & Jesse Mencia

We have all heard the term, or described something going “0-100 real quick!” What if it were the other way around and things went from “100-0 real quick?” Our guests today have experienced the whiplash of these emotions in their life, their business, and all certainty. 

Today on the Rainmaker Family Show we welcome Sebastian & Jesse Mencia. This power couple display’s moving from the “I can’t” to the “how can I?” mindset, better than anyone we know. Listen in as they share their incredible journey of hardship, triumph, and entrepreneurship. 

If you think you may have heard their names before, you probably have! Sebastian was the affiliate manager to the one and only Stu McLaren, and Jessie now teaches women to use their creative abilities to build community, through hand lettering and turning it into a business with now over 3,000+ students. With accomplishments like these you would never know the walls they had to overcome just to rebuild and start again. 

From suddenly becoming immigrants without a country to call home,  living in a homeless shelter, and finding a way to rebuild their life, Sebastian and Jesse share their incredible story and remind us that anything is possible if you never give up.

Hit play to hear their story, what lessons they’ve learned, and how they keep their family sacred yet involved in the ideas and impacts they make and so much more. 


More of What We Talk About:

  • From business owner to a homeless shelter 
  • Suddenly being an immigrant and what came next
  • The struggle of uncertainty  
  • A year of saying “ignore”
  • Finding the courage to step out in boldness
  • Turning a hobby into a community 
  • The real power of motherhood
  • Making money off what you already do 
  • Gaining confidence to share your superpower 
  • How to leverage your spouse’s strengths 
  • Sacred time for family with a busy schedule 
  • Allowing children to feel included in the long term vision
  •  And more!



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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 What to expect today
  • 1:35 Conversation starts
  • 2:25 Meet Sebastian and Jesse
  • 6:15 Jesse and Sebastian’s journey to Canada
  • 11:55 What Jesse and Sebastian learned in their darkest season
  • 17:09 When Sebastian’s entrepreneurial journey began 
  • 26:20 Quick wins: How Jesse started her business
  • 33:10 Becoming better together 
  • 38:33 Finding work and life balance

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