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From 6 Figures in Debt To 7 Figure Entrepreneur – How Janine Mix is building generational wealth WITHOUT cutting up the credit cards or cutting out coffee

Money mindset is a topic that can never be talked about enough. 

The more we grow and achieve new levels in business, family and other important areas of our lives it becomes more and more clear how everything can make or break based on the conversation going on between your ears. 

That’s why we are diving deeper into this topic and specifically how it applies to women. On today’s episode, we welcome Janine Mix! Our paths have crossed a few times as we have been in similar circles over the years, but we really connected with Janine after seeing her at a recent conference we attended. 

Her story caught our attention because how often do you hear someone going from over six figures in debt to becoming a seven-figure entrepreneur? Now she helps women do the same! She has some really insightful and thoughtful wisdom on the topic of money we know every Rainmaker Momma needs to hear. 

Whether you are 6-figures in debt like Jan was (maybe more) or if you have never needed to take out a loan, hit play to learn how simple it can be to start turning your family finances around today. The best part? She’ll teach you how to build generational wealth WITHOUT cutting up the credit cards or cutting out coffee.

If you believe in God, you’ll be inspired by Janie’s faith in the earlier days of her journey, a truer understanding of what the Bible says about money, what she has discovered about who funded Jesus’s ministry, and how you can start living more abundantly. 

More of What’s Inside:

  • Where does your money story come from?
  • Why you need to hit the reset button on your life 
  • Are all types of debt bad?
  • Knowing how to get the money you want
  • How many times Jesus talks about money in the Bible
  • Money is a powerful tool that can love and serve and create change
  • Your financial freedom is in your hands
  • And more!

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    Episode: minute by minute 

    • 0:05 Meet Janine Mix
    • 2:07 Where is your money story coming from?
    • 7:08 When Janine  decided she wanted more for her life 
    • 11:03 How Janine got her first rental property
    • 15:17 Resources vs. Resourcefulness 
    • 20:38 How men and women see money differently
    • 30:00 The process of becoming more abundant 
    • 34:28 Money can be a tool to serve others

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