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First Steps To Unlocking Time Freedom For Your Family

Hey guys! Welcome to another episode of The Rainmaker Family Podcast. If you noticed an episode missing last week, not to fear! We were on our family vacation to Maui resting and soaking up the sun, but now we are back from our break refreshed, and ready to jump into more ways to help you earn passive income, during nap time. 

If you have been listening to us here, or following us for any amount of time, you’ve heard us mention jobs that we have outsourced. But what does it really look like to outsource something in your business and how do you even know where to start? If you have ever wondered that, this one is for you!

In today’s episode, we will share what we learned in the early stages of our business, the power of time and managing it, the pitfalls we fell into, shifting mindsets, including family, and plenty of resources to get you started. 

We have a challenge for you in this episode and we really want to hear how you all choose to act it out. So hit play to learn more about outsourcing and our challenge. We can’t wait to hear your stories and success as you make it rain! 

More of What We Talk About:

  • Taking time to allow real rest
  • How to build a business that runs itself while you are on vacation. 
  • The first time Stephen tried outsourcing 
  • How Chelsea’s family traditions shaped her mindset 
  • The freedom of having time 
  • Tips and ideas of how to start outsourcing 
  • Finding the things take your time away 
  • Time tracking to identify easy wins
  • How to use time to your advantage 
  • Involving your children in business
  • Resources to get you started 
  • Power in choosing how to use the time you save 
  • And more!



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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:03 Welcome to the show! Here is what to expect. 
  • 2:15 Vacation recap
  • 5:10 Let’s talk about building your dream team
  • 10:10 When Stephen discovered outsourcing
  • 13:30 When Chelsey discovered outsourcing
  • 16:55 What can you start outsourcing today?
  • 19:00 Outsource things you are already doing
  • 21:20 The power of time tracking
  • 27:00 An easy way to get anything digital done in your business

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