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Favorite Purchases, Life Upgrades & Experiences – Our Best Investments of 2021 Part II

Welcome back to The Rainmaker Family Show!

Today we want to share the best investments we made in 2021! This is a special mini-series of rapid-fire tips to help you get the tips, tricks, products, and services to help you level up in all areas of life. 

Warning: So, if you’re not in a spending money mood, this might not be the episode for you, LOL! 

You may be thinking “wait, are you just going to talk about crypto and stocks the whole time?”

Not to fear! While we did invest into some of those areas last year, that is not what we are talking about today. 

In this episode we want to cover topics like:

  • Money saving brands for kids clothes
  • How to skip the grocery store all together
  • The two things you need if you want to save time traveling
  • The business credit card that has given us the ability to spend more (safety) 
  • Items we bought that have completely leveled up our health
  • The one thing that has given us over 200% ROI
  • AND MORE!!

Hit play to hear all of these topics and the rest of are favorite purchases, life upgrades and experiences. Also, scroll down to see links to everything we mentioned today! If you take action on anything we talked about, we would love to hear your experience. You can always join the conversation with us on instagram @therainmakerfamily.


If you want to start saving a crazy amount of time, don’t forget to check out part one of this series: “44: How To Never Do Laundry Again – Our Best Investments of 2021 Part 1” We share and breakdown our budget, tips helping families of any size and income start outsourcing, and even address the limiting mindsets we Moms feel around this topic and how to overcome them.

Links To All The Things:


Sufficient-C Vitamin C Powder:

Backyard Chickens

(got them locally)

Elderberry Syrup by Bethany Renzi

Mary Ruth’s Liquid Vitamins

Vitamin C:



Acupuncture Mat

Amazon (beginner):

Premium (advanced):

 Quality clothes that last for Kaizen:


Kaizen’s Vans (we usually search on Poshmark to pick up gently used ones for half the price)

California Half Pipe

Meta Oculus Quest


Stasher Bags

Canson Mixed Media Pad of Paper

Fine Point Sharpies

Ember Coffee Mugs



Boost Pro GB150 3000 Amp Jump Starter Box



Amex Platinum Card (100,000 free miles on signup)


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Episode Minute By Minute 

  • 0:36 Welcome back to the show!
  • 1:14 If you missed the last episode, go check it out first!
  • 1:47 Things we bought last year that leveled up our life
  • 2:00 How we up upgraded our sleep 
  • 7:00 One product that upgraded our health
  • 8:18 The only brands we buy for Kaizen
  • 10:40 A new credit card we decided to use and why
  • 13:34 A few subscriptions Chelsey got this year that of totally paid off
  • 15:30 What vitamins we love for Kaizen
  • 18:00 The story behind the hand-pipe 
  • 24:50 Acupuncture mat: Why it’s a game-changer
  • 28:00 A new way to take notes
  • 29:40 Upgrade your morning coffee
  • 31:16 How to get through the TSA quicker
  • 33:00 Travel safer with a jumper box
  • 35:00 The best investments we made in business this year
  • 42:09 How to get all the things we talked about today

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