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Don’t Fall For This Temptation! (We almost did.)

Hey friends! Welcome to another episode of The Rainmaker Family Podcast. 

We’ve all heard the saying “when one door closes another one opens.” But what happens when that closed-door opens back up? Do you go back in or keep it closed for good? 

Today we share with you our current journey of closing the door on one venture and fighting the temptation to open it back up again. 

We’ll share how to say no, stick with that no, and ways that we fight the temptations that arise, trying to pull us back in. 

This is an emotional, raw episode where we share things that we are cutting out of our life and why. 

Oftentimes people see “cutting something out” in a very negative light. We want to share with you how to shift that negative connotation to a positive view of “trimming for growth” rather than cutting off and rotting. 

As you listen in, start looking for what growth you want in your ventures and what might need to be trimmed to obtain it. Sit with us, cry with us, and journey alongside us with us as we start trimming for growth, and expecting bountiful fruit to blossom. 

More of What We Talk About:

  • How temptations reduce trimming for growth 
  • Leveraging your skills in different ways
  • Power of saying no for a better yes
  • How becoming a client can bolster your skillset
  • Trimming for growth not for stunting
  • Focusing on the fruit 
  • How to handle temptations 
  • Getting around people who break your mindsets 
  • Remembering your why
  • And more!


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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:33 What to expect today
  • 1:57 Our big announcement 
  • 5:30 The power of trimming the vine
  • 7:47 You are not just your job title
  • 10:00 How poverty thinking can creep up
  • 11:50 Lessons from Matthew McConaughey
  • 14:43 What is your best yes?
  • 19:36 Where do you think you’ll be when you’re next years old?
  • 21:20 Finding the courage to take the jump
  • 25:43 The type of people you should be around
  • 29:00 The importance of your WHY

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