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CRUSH Your Annual Goals With This Simple Calendar Hack

We are never going another year without doing THIS!

Juggling entrepreneurship and family life? Well, juggle no more and step into a year of balance while still crushing all your goals! Whether you’re an experienced planner or new to this concept and you already hate the thought of planning….there’s something here for everyone!

Today we introduce the concept of a “preloaded calendar,” a strategic method of mapping out the entire year with a focus on personal, family, and business activities. This approach emphasizes the importance of prioritizing personal and family commitments before fitting in business stuff.

It’s about creating harmony between different areas of life, ensuring none is neglected in the pursuit of another! It’s been a game-changer for us already, and we can’t wait to see how the rest of the year plays out!

We go into detail about how we categorize and color-code various activities, sharing our personal goals, like ensuring regular date nights and quality time with our kids. This glimpse into our planning process is not just about sharing what we do; it’s about showing how intentional planning can enrich both personal and professional lives.

It’s not just a tool for setting and achieving goals; it’s a lifestyle choice that supports the life you want without leading to burnout! So hit play and join us in crafting a life that beautifully blends purpose, passion, and balance.

It’s your year, Rainmakers!

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Episode: minute by minute 

  • 00:00 Setting the Stage: The Vision for Annual Planning
  • 00:21 The Reality of Annual Planning: Learning from Past Mistakes
  • 00:36 The Importance of Pre-Planning and Calendar Management
  • 01:50 The Concept of a Preloaded Year: Learning from Dan Martell
  • 10:45 The Rules: Balancing Personal and Business Life
  • 11:32 The Power of a Preloaded Calendar: Planning for Success
  • 13:33 The Practicalities of a Preloaded Calendar: How to Get Started
  • 14:06 The Importance of Constraints in Planning
  • 16:59 The Benefits of a Preloaded Calendar: Avoiding Burnout and Achieving Goals
  • 19:25 Conclusion: The Power of Preloaded Calendar in Action

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