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Creative Cash Creation: 3 Practical Ways to Build Wealth

Trying to build a dream life with a dream career, dream relationships, and dream family is tough, and frankly, costs a lot of money. As parents, we do everything we can to give our children happy lives, but it comes at the cost of hours spent working. Eventually, everyone faces the dreaded burnout and realizes that living ‘the dream’ just isn’t sustainable. 

But, what if it was?

What if you could be a stay-at-home mom or dad while also earning an income to keep your family safe and happy? What if you could be living the dream without sacrificing your time or your happiness? What if you could chase your kids and your dreams?

The Rainmaker Family was founded by a couple of busy parents who were tired of their full-time jobs slowing them down. Instead, they decided to try to earn passive income online. Now, The Rainmaker Family works to help parents learn how to earn passive income and how to make extra money on the side. 

Whether you want to transform your lifestyle and change your career, need to save to pay off credit cards, or want to help motivate a child to save up for something they want, there’s a practical way to earn money. 


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Sell What You Are Already Doing

Ask yourself this: How can you serve more people with the things you are already doing? 

If you are a stay-at-home parent, chances are good that you are already doing lots of things other people would be happy to pay for. Here are a few examples:

  • 1. Meal Prepping: If you like to meal prep, consider doubling what you typically make for your family and advertising your service on Facebook. Making twice as much food isn’t much more effort, and you’ll likely find other busy parents who will be glad to buy your delicious prepared meals for a premium price!

  • 2. Tutoring: If you have kids that already need help with their school work, consider offering your tutoring services to other families with kids the same age. Not all parents are equally good at teaching every subject, so you might be able to fill an important gap for someone.

  • 3. Child Care: If you are a stay-at-home parent already spending lots of time with your kids, why not offer child care services to your friends and neighbors? Having two or three more kids come to hang out for a few hours after school doesn’t take much extra time or skill, but is a great side gig for earning extra cash. 
  • The idea here is to pick something you are already doing and are good at so that you can easily increase your income with minimal effort. 

    Consult Social Media

    Feeling short of inspiration? Turn those play dates into paydays! Don’t overthink it, just head to social media. 

    Post this: What would you pay someone $100 to do today?

    You will be shocked by how many ideas you get, right off the bat. This is such a practical way to pick up a few side hustles, and it can give you a better idea of what people are willing to pay for! This is also an easy way to find odd jobs for your kids to earn money, especially if you use a private social media page with just friends, family, and neighbors.

    Once you get some ideas of what people are willing to pay for, you can begin leveling up your strategy. Maybe you don’t have the background to do graphic design, but you can certainly develop the skills you’ll need to hire a graphic designer, manage the project and get paid!

    Use Fiverr to Expand Your Reach

    Once you have pinpointed what it is you are good at and learned what people are willing to pay for, try leveling up to a manager position. Instead of being the person who does #AllTheThings, give yourself a raise and start managing people who do all the things for you! is a super cool tool that can help you connect to people around the world. Fiverr lets you hire other services and skills that you can offer to other people who are outsourcing the service themselves!

    The key to succeeding on Fiverr is to go in with a CEO mindset. Pretend that everyone on the site is your employee, and start managing larger projects. Advertise services that you know other people will pay for, then outsource and pay talent on Fiverr to complete the project. You’ll manage the organization of all the bits and pieces, but you won’t have to spend ages perfecting lots of different skills. 

    Earning passive and extra income isn’t rocket science, and it doesn’t take some sort of genius to figure out. The easiest way to start earning extra income is by choosing something practical, like cooking a few extra portions at every meal. 

    If you want to dive more deeply into each of these cash flow and passive income ideas, check out episode 10 of The Rainmaker Family Show

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