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Courtney Zentz | Helping Your Kids Sleep So You Can Be Your Best Entrepreneurial Mom Self

Welcome back to another episode of the Rainmaker Family Show! Okay before you think, “Wait…what does sleep have to do with my Amazon FBA business or passive income?” Hear us out!

If you have littles in the house and you are working on a side hustle or business, then getting yourself, and your family on a sleep schedule could be a game-changer!

Today we learn from the amazing Courtney Zentz. Courtney is the owner of Tiny Transitions and the host of her very own podcast, Kids Sleep Show! She’s also a certified pediatric consultant, postpartum doula, infant mental health provider, and certified lactation consultant. 

Wow, impressed by all those titles? We were too. She seriously knows her stuff!

Hit play to hear how Courtney became a sleep expert, tips for balancing your sleep and a busy schedule, how everyone in your family can start sleeping better, how sleep training can transform your kids mood and more!

This conversation is seriously packed full with tips and tricks we can’t wait to implement with baby #2! After you listen to this episode, continue the conversation with Countney by following the links below! Keep scrolling or swiping to see more. 


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 Episode: minute by minute 

  • 00:40 Get to know Courtney
  • 01:09 Why every rainmaker needs to hear this
  • 01:08 How Courtney became a sleep expert
  • 05:35 How Courtney helps families sleep better
  • 08:09 Is co-sleeping with your baby safe?
  • 10:36 The biggest “aha” moments Moms have from Courtney’s training
  • 17:04 The feeling of watching your kids sleep transform
  • 18:23 How to make sure your baby is eating enough
  • 20:12 The best tips for second-time parents
  • 28:09 Business owner tips and advice
  • 32:11 What we can all learn from Courtney as entrepreneurs
  • 34:06 How to connect with Courtney

Want to join the conversation face to face? Check out the video podcast now on our YouTube Channel! 

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