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Conquering Challenges with Style

No matter what you’re doing, there will eventually be a time when you find that you hit a wall. You’ll encounter an obstacle that you can’t seem to overcome, and this often prevents you from growing your business or, in some instances, improving as a person! These are the times when you really need to take a step back and rethink your mindset.

In this podcast, we discuss how to overcome these barriers and find your way to the other side.

How to Conquer Your Walls

When we encounter walls, they’re often imaginary. That’s not to say that they don’t exist. Our “walls” are very real, but they are often larger in our minds! To overcome obstacles, both in life and in business, we need to recognize and adapt to hardship.

The “I Can” Mindset

One of the most common problems that everyone runs into, regardless of whether they’re an entrepreneur, is the dreaded “I can’t” mindset. When we face a challenge, it often seems daunting. We fear the challenge, and our minds justify our fear by saying “I can’t”.

If you want to rise above and overcome, however, you need to get into the habit of thinking, instead, “I can”! Look around you and see what solutions may be available, even if they seem preposterous.

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Encourage Others

In both business and life, it often happens that you’re not the only one encountering this problem. Think of when you’ve had a computer problem. When you looked it up, you probably found forum posts from people with the same issue. Likewise, when you hit a wall, there’s guaranteed to be someone else out there with the same wall.

Reach out! Ask others if they’ve encountered the same problems. If they haven’t, you can work together towards a solution. If they have, you now have a valuable resource to tap into for knowledge.

Keep Pushing

When all else fails, perseverance is our greatest asset. People were made for endurance. The hunters and gatherers used to stalk their prey until it tired itself out. Today, you can use that same energy.

As children, we have that drive. We know that we can do something, so we keep trying to do it. Unfortunately, as time wears on, we often lose this sense of “I can do it”. Sometimes, it’s because someone older than us shot us down or told us we “can’t”…It’s time to reclaim the “I CAN” attitude of a child!

Need some help? We find that the best way to motivate yourself to overcome challenges is a four-step process:

  • Find a goal. You need to start by finding a goal. Do you want to reach $1,000 in profit? Maybe you simply want to spend an extra hour with your family every day. Keep that goal in mind. If it helps, write it down!
  • Try a solution. Like a baby learning to walk, it’s time to take your first steps. Brainstorm the problem and find a solution. Then, try it!
  • If you fail, don’t give up! Did it work? No? That’s okay! This is a learning opportunity. Now you know that this specific approach isn’t the best. Try something different.
  • If you succeed, great! At some point, you’ll reach that breakthrough. When that happens, it’s time to celebrate! And remember to share your knowledge afterward,  your breakthrough is often not just for you.
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    Remember: Walls are Ramps!

    When it comes to business (and everyday life), it’s important to remember that every challenge is a chance to learn something new. Every wall can be a ramp to level up. No matter how many times you may fail, you’ve learned something. Whether you’re trying to find a way to juggle your work-life balance or struggling to make your business take off, you’re in the midst of growth.

    Learn from Our Walls

    Even we, as Rainmakers, have overcome our challenges. We’ve met our own “I can’t” moments, and we’ve always overcome them. We are constantly growing and working towards something better. Every entrepreneur is in the same boat, regardless of our line of work. We all need to work together to come up with solutions and ideas that lift each other up.

    As Rainmakers, our platform gives us the amazing opportunity to help you. Join us and take the Rainmaker Challenge. We can teach you how to overcome your obstacles and give you the tools you need to succeed in any passive income business. Spots are limited, so don’t wait! Sign up today!

    How to Conquer Challenges in Style

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