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Built To Belong with Natalie Franke – Discovering The Power of Community Over Competition

Picture yourself on the beach, feet in the sand, and the water washing up around your ankles as it ebbs and flows into the ocean. The higher the tide gets, the more of the beach it’s going to cover, the more people it will start to creep up and reach, the more immersed you become, and the more impact it makes on the rest of the people around you.

Now picture that rising tide not as water, but as community. Community that meets you where you are at, that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. Community that pushes you and causes you to move from sitting still to moving up. Community that shouts your name in a room full of opportunities.

Today we have a special guest who created the hashtag used around the world, that turned a movement of creative entrepreneurs working together in collaboration over competition. We have Natalie Franke the founder of Rising Tide Society with us, sharing her story of overcoming, creating community, and how that community turned into a phenomenon.

Natalie shared her story of how the #risingtide trend started, why community is so important, how to overcome obstacles, pedestals, and mindsets in order to walk in authority and authenticity that impacts others for years to come.

Get ready to get vulnerable, be honest, and get encouraged to step out in boldness into your communities and create an impact on the lives around you that leave a legacy.

More of What We Talk About:

  • Hashtag that started it all
  • Creating an environment that is greater than competition
  • Changing the mindset of success from large numbers, to people impacted
  • Natalie’s competitive spirit from childhood into adulthood
  • Satisfaction of seeing other people succeed over self
  • Eliminating the fear of our competitors
  • Lies that keep from people from joining community
  • When communities fail
  • Tearing down the facade and embracing vulnerability.
  • Steps to get out of your comfort zone
  • Using similarities to create micro-moments of trust
  • Breaking down the walls we put up and pedestals we put people on.
  • Understanding priority and purpose
  • Difference between season and lifestyle
  • Some loss in business is time earned in life
  • The “small” impacts we make create a legacy
  • Natalie’s upcoming book
  • And more!


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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 What to expect today!
  • 2:27 How Natalie and the Diaz’ connected
  • 4:14 The hashtag that created a movement
  • 8:55 How Natalie decided to go all in her dream
  • 15:25 The number one thing that brings Natalie to life
  • 19:37 The two choices you have with your knowledge
  • 23:26 The biggest lies that keep you from community
  • 29:27 When Natalie was diagnosed with a brain tumor
  • 32:30 Where real authors come from
  • 36:56 Creating micro-moments of trust
  • 42:02 How Natalie balances business and family
  • 47:13 When to and when not to hustle
  • 51;12 Your place of pain becomes your place of reign
  • 52:52 What Natalie learned from having brain surgery
  • 1:00:00 A look inside Natalie’s new book

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