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Building a 7-Figure Amazon Business as a Mom: Lessons from Two Seasoned Sellers

Rainmakers! We’ve got a special treat for you today. 🙂 We recently sent one of our Rainmaker coaches on a secret mission to Mexico. Although we won’t go into details about the mission, we can tell you that she met some fantastic people. 😉 More on that later. Today we have two successful Amazon sellers and moms, joined us for an insightful interview that you won’t want to miss!

Amy and Kimberly, both Amazon sellers and mothers, have not only built multiple brands on the Amazon platform but have also sold businesses in the past. They share their journey into Amazon FBA and how it has impacted their lives.

Amy, who used to be in the events industry, decided to change her career path to spend more time with her children. After coming across a podcast about Amazon, she jumped headfirst into the world of Amazon FBA. She started with a course, then learned from other successful sellers to find her path.

Kimberly was drawn to Amazon FBA because of the time and creativity it allowed. She loved the idea of not having to unload containers and how seamlessly she could scale her business. She has since expanded her business to the UK and Australia.

Both moms agree that the flexibility and scalability that Amazon FBA offers are unmatched. Partnering with a billion-dollar company like Amazon makes it easy to reach potential customers without having to invest in marketing campaigns. As Amy puts it, “the world is your oyster with Amazon.”

When asked about the common misconception that Amazon takes all the sellers’ money, Kimberly likens Amazon FBA to setting up a shop in the busiest shopping center in the city, where hundreds of thousands of people walk by your storefront every day. The fees are a small price to pay for the traffic and convenience it provides.

So, if you’re new to Amazon FBA or a seasoned seller, don’t miss out on the valuable insights shared by these successful mompreneurs. Their stories might just inspire you to take your Amazon business to the next level!


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Episode: minute by minute 

  • 0:00 What’s inside today’s show
  • 0:54 Welcome to the show and an introduction to Amazon FBA with Kimberly
  • 5:42 Why is Amazon particularly great for moms as a business opportunity?
  • 9:46 Here’s the answer fro when people say Amazon is taking all of your money
  • 13:19 The “walls” Amazon sellers can hit along the way
  • 20:07 Money walls that came up in business and how to get over them
  • 29:11 What it looks like to build a brand you can scale and then sell
  • 32:58 Here’s what it was like for Kimberly and Amy making their first hire
  • 36:24 Creative strategies Kimberly and Amy are using to drive sales
  • 40:08 Here’s how to get connected with Kimberly and Amy


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