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Bradley Sutton | How I Went From Sleeping in a Car To Making My First Dollar Online (and how you can too)

You may have heard us say before that “dollars follow value…”

The more value you add or offer to the marketplace, to your customers, or to a business the money will start to flow in. We have seen this play out over and over again in our own lives and in our Rainmaker communities. 

However, no one embodies this principle like our guest today! 

In this episode of the Rainmaker Family Show we sit down with one of our “best internet friends.” Bradley Sutton!

Bradley is an Amazon FBA expert and has made millions for himself (and others.) The best part? He built his legacy through the lens of helping others. From helping his clients get started on Amazon or upleveling up their product, teaching others how to get healthy on his viral YouTube Channel, and more! 

 One thing we love about Bradley is his tenacity for being a life-long learner. We could all pick up a thing or two from him in this area! He has mastered the ability to learn and grow even if the money is short and time is limited. 

If you have your own Amazon FBA business, make sure to listen to the end to hear Bradley’s #1 tip for leveraging keywords on the latest Amazon update! We hope you love this conversations as much as we did. Hit play to dive in! 

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More Of What We Talk About:

  • The first dollar Bradley made online
  • How and why the Amazon FBA program stole Bradleys heart
  • Learning on someone else’s dime
  • Adding value and how to do it
  • A look inside Bradley’s top podcast episodes
  • How everything changed in 2019
  • Why Rainmakers love Bradley 
  • How we met and why we love Bradley
  • And Much More! 


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    Episode: minute by minute 

    • 0:02 Meet one of our best “Internet Friends!”
    • 1:28 Get to know Bradley 
    • 4:00 What can happen when you just send the email
    • 8:04 How Bradley got started selling on Amazon
    • 16:07 What is Amazon FBA?
    • 19:02 How Bradley finds motivation and fulfillment
    • 21:20 Crazy socks, Zumba and going viral. 
    • 23:00 People focused over product focus
    • 25:02 Best episodes from Bradley 
    • 31:37 The #1 way to leverage keywords on Amazon
    • 37:01 Nothing is ever wasted
    • 37:19 How to connect with Bradley and follow the journey 

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