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Avoid Getting Stuck On Your Path To Success With This One Training

Is it “giving up” in the air or something?

We don’t know about you, but over the past few weeks, it seems like sooo many people are on the verge of quitting. 

If they aren’t quitting, they are at least extremely burnt out and looking for an escape. 

Can you relate?

Building your dream life and business is hard work…trust us, we get it. 

Even though the journey can feel hopeless and even downright hard at times.

If that’s how you feel this season, we want to remind you of one important fact. 

Nothing is more worth wild than pursuing a better life for yourself and your family. 

In other words, DON’T GIVE UP! 

If you don’t believe greatness is around the corner, then feel free to borrow our belief. 

We believe you are called to do great things, create generational wealth, and change your family forever. 

This is true for every person in our Rainmaker Community. (Yes, you too!)

We didn’t always believe in ourselves like we do today. 

However, thanks to the mentors and communities we have surrounded ourselves with, we were able to keep pushing, reach new levels, and believe even more. 

That’s why we are on a mission today to pass along the same thing to you during today’s conversation. 

Today’s episode is a clip from a recent Mindset Training Stephen hosted in our private Rainmaker Mastermind. 

Hit play to hear our advice on How To Avoid Getting Stuck On Your Path To Success, 4 Ideas that Will 12X your business, how to overcome limited thinking and negative atmospheres, plus more! 

More of What’s Inside:

  • The best thing you can do is do not stop
  • The story behind one of Stephen’s mastermind program
  • What’s going on in your life?
  • You’re not just fighting for yourself, you’re fighting for those who come behind you.
  • How do you come against the disconnection and conflict in the air?
  • Darkness and light are opposites but one is greater
  • How to find out the conversion rate for your listing
  • Premium offer ideas for the back end of your product
  • How to sell more products
  • And more!

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    Episode: minute by minute 

    • 00:02 Don’t stop! You got this. 
    • 00:48 Mindset Training with Stephen starts
    • 01:45 Four moves that can 12x your business
    • 4:55 When Stephen got pushback from a mentor
    • 10:55 How to avoid staying stuck
    • 14:02 What is the atmosphere you are under?
    • 17:53 How we overcome the sacristy mindset
    • 20:55 How to increase your leads
    • 25:33 How to up-sell people on amazon
    • 29:00 Tips for moving the needle through coupons
    • 33:45 How to get a free call with us


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