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72. Make $500-$1000 A Month While Working At Home And Raising Kids – Holly Flick Will Show You the way!

Welcome back to another episode of The Rainmaker Family Show! If you’re here, we are willing to bet that one (if not all) of these three things have crossed your mind this year…

  1. Should I start making social media posts?
  2. How can I make more money this month?
  3. I need to get better at mastering our family schedule

Did we read your mind? If so, this episode is for you!

Today our guest is the amazing Holly Flick. Holly decided to leave the high heels of marketing and sales positions in corporate America in 2006, and go out on her own as a digital marketing consultant. Since then, she has found her place and is quickly rising to influencer status in the online space.

After taking the entrepreneurial plunge with a limited social media skill set, she worked hard and did what it took to grow her business and learn all she could. Her hard work quickly paid off and is now working with some of the biggest content creators on the planet. 

Hit play to hear this powerful story and some of the lessons Holly learned along the way. In the first 20 minutes of the show, get top level insights on how to overcome the fear of trying something new, tips on how to ignore the negative voices in your head, how to borrow a mentor’s faith in you and more. 

You’ll hear Holly Flick’s best tips on how to get started creating content on social media, how to gather your thoughts, the best platforms for newbies, how to find an “easy” way to make your content happen, and key hacks we all can use to master our schedule!

If you were encouraged by today’s episode, let us know! Reach out to all of us via the links provided below. 

More of What’s Inside:

  • You don’t have to have it figured out to get started
  • Hard work pays off if you don’t give up
  • Why you need mentors more than you think
  • Nothing will take away the fear of trying something new
  • How to handle your family when you start marketing
  • Find your “why” and don’t forget it
  • Ways to separate your business and family time
  • And more!

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    Episode: minute by minute 

    • 5:51 A note to the mom listening…
    • 9:41 One thing Holly tells herself daily
    • 14:12 The importance of community
    • 17:18 Creating a private area for yourself
    • 24:09 How to separate Mom time and work time
    • 28:30 Ways to add more flex room in your schedule
    • 36:40 Find the way your voice comes out
    • 41:05 It gets easier the more you do it
    • 46:06 How to get a FREE coaching call

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