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7 PRO TIPS To Make $8500 at Home Dropshipping Amazon Products on Facebook Marketplace

For those of you who know, (and even those who don’t) Amazon FBAs are the place to make money online while without sacrificing precious family time. FBAs are products that you own (unlike dropshipping) and sell them at high margins.. The only downside is that there is a big upfront investment to buy a product in bulk, but once you start to brand yourself and that product along with it, you can build a self sustaining business that only needs to be checked up on for roughly one hour a week. One hour!  Can you imagine? 

If you have been working the Amazon FBA game for a while and you want to get your products to a wider audience, then do we have the spot for you; Facebook Marketplace. Now, using Facebook Marketplace takes a little bit more time to get going, but we’ve got 7 tips that will be like gas for the fire of your FBAs and Facebook Marketplace. 

7 Tips On How To Take Your FBAs and Facebook Marketplace To The Next Level

1. Sell Things People Want:

Hearing someone say “I don’t have anything to sell” is the equivalent to the talkative kid in class telling the teacher “I don’t have anything to write about”. There is inspiration all around you, you just need to look for it.

One of the best ways to do this for Facebook, is to click on the Marketplace then go to your profile. Once you’re in your profile area, click on the “insights” button and go to “popular categories”. This will tell you what the hottest items in your area are and will also show photos, so you know exactly what people are looking for. Think about holidays that are coming up. What kind of home decor goes with those holidays that you can stock up on?

BONUS TIP: Artwork/prints usually do very well.

You can also just look around the Marketplace and see what people are commenting “interested” on as well as what’s selling out fast. 

Once you find your “things”, buy several and list them. Try making 10 listings a day. I know that seems like a lot, but try it and see what items are most popular each day. Once you know what more people are looking for you can really lean into that are and start making your base and buying in bulk from there.

2. Price Your Items Like A Pro:

This does not have a hard set answer and may take a bit of trial and error. If you can make $10-$20 on something, then it’s worth it. So think about how much to mark up the price based on that range. It may be a slow start when making sales on Facebook while you try to navigate this since some people can “make an offer” rather than only having the buy now option. The more products you sell the faster it’ll get and the more you’ll be able to gauge your customer base to figure out the ideal price point.

3. Stay Organized:

This is where a spreadsheet is going to come in handy. I know, I know, Excel and Google Sheets can be intimidating or boring, but hear me out. It can be really easy to get an order from Facebook, make that order on Amazon, then adjust for shipping, get tracking, and lose people on Facebook. 

One of our Rainmakers from the Mastermind group shared exactly how she set her Xcel sheet and how it helps her stay all clear. (linked at the bottom)

She has increased sales by $5,000 since getting organized using this method and made $2,000 in only three weeks.

The categories in her spreadsheet are:

  • Product Name
  • Price paid
  • List Price
  • My Price
  • Profit
  • Name of Buyer
  • Tracking (just to enter yes or no)

Just having these things listed out helped her keep everything clean, especially during shipping. In Facebook Marketplace it only shows as “shipped” after inputting a tracking number, and sometimes you can have an order completed without a tracking number, and you can keep track of that there. 

A spreadsheet can also help input the orders, then go back into Amazon orders and search for the buyers name to check for tracking. If they are on there I can then enter the tracking number and mark that spot as “yes”. If not, you would mark the spot as “no” and will know that it’s an order you need to keep track of.

It’s also nice to be able to see what your gross profit is updated in real time so you can keep track of the money you have coming in, and if you need to tweak your product or prices.

4. Tracking Hacks:

When you post something on Facebook Marketplace you can choose to list it as Local or Shipping Nationwide. 

If you post it as local most of your payments will be through Paypal, Venmo, or Cashapp and either do a meet up, or mail it. This is also where you will get more “make an offer” responses which will release your money instantly. This way is quick and will work well if you have one of those hot items from your area that you looked up earlier.

You’ll make the biggest amount of turnover, however if you open it up to Nationwide Shipping. Especially if you live in a smaller or rural area, you’re going to want to open it up to a broader market. While you’ll make more money, there are a few more hoops to jump through, such as the tracking number we mentioned above. Facebook Marketplace will hold your payment for the item until either an item ships (using that tracking number) or when the customer marks it as Delivered. This could cause a lull in payment. 

One good thing about this is that Amazon ships quickly, so your customer will most likely receive their product and mark you as Delivered, so you don’t have to worry about entering the tracking number. If Facebook requires you to enter the tracking number, then go ahead and print off the one they give, and attach it to a handwritten note to the customer saying, “Thank you for your purchase, don’t forget to mark Delivered when the item comes in and leave a review.” More often than not, the customer will receive the item before they receive the letter/tracking label so it will seem like an extra nice touch and excellent customer service. If they haven’t received the item yet, they have the tracking label and will still think that you are offering great service. 

Obviously you have to be sincere and authentic about this, but people remember those little personal touches and will look to buy from you again. 

Another way you can kind of get around the shipping label, is by keeping your item listed as Nationwide Shipping, but post something urgent like “Contact me for Free Shipping Today Only” This will pique people’s interest and cause them to message you with the “make an offer” rather than “buy now”. (Making an offer doesn’t require a tracking number because payment usually happens outside of Facebook.) When the buyer contacts you just say you need the shipping address and you’ll get it to them ASAP and then take your payment from Venmo or whatever payment service, and get it ordered for them through Amazon. 

Another great thing about trying shipping this way, is that if you do the 10 listings a day like we mentioned in Tip 1, then that one post could get you multiple sales. As long as someone hasn’t clicked on the Delivered button for that item, it will stay up, so this is a great way to get multiple purchases from one post, without spamming the page.

5. Customer Service: Brush Off The Haters

Customer service, how you treat people and how you deal with problems that might arise, are all very important parts of running a successful business. So what do you do when a customer has a problem or needs to return? If there was an issue with the product or they need to return it for any reason, just start the return process for them on Amazon, and then send them the QR code, so they can scan it and get drop off information to get their return going.  

What if the customer sees the item listed on Amazon and they call you out and say you have it listed for less there? Be honest and nice about it. 

You can tell them “Yes it’s on Amazon for a little cheaper, I just noticed that a lot of people were looking for it on Facebook Marketplace and thought I would help offer it to them there as a service”. Most of the time people will drop it and either go ahead and buy it from you for your honesty, or just buy it from Amazon. This is why you don’t want to sell expensive items. If you keep it in that $10-$30 range, people will not feel as bad spending the extra markup, and it will also be easier to make up any loss that may come up as a result. Using Facebook Marketplace is a lot like boutique shopping; you know the price is going to be marked up from the price the shop bought it for from the supplier, they are just offering you the service of having what you want in their store. 

Issues with customers do not happen very often, especially if you have good communication and you are treating your buyers like humans and not transactions.

6. Don’t be Afraid of People

This one seems like a no brainer, but a lot of people are scared to put stuff out on Facebook Marketplace because they are scared of people being difficult or leaving bad reviews. Fear will always hold you back. As long as you are doing your part to offer excellent customer service, and treating people like humans and not just transactions, you will be just fine. If it makes you feel better, one of our Rainmakers has over 600 sales on Facebook Marketplace and only 2 negative reviews. That is still a 99.67% positive rating.

7. Use the Amazon Credit Card

This is a really good way to make double the money on your FBA and on Facebook Marketplace. If you apply for the Amazon credit card, you get 5% back on all Amazon purchases. So if you use that Amazon card to make that bulk purchase that you will be selling; you will make money off of what you are about to make even more money on. Just using this tip itself can earn you up to $500, which would make up for any of the loss you are worried about, could be used towards restock and save you so money, or just go straight in your pocket. It’s a really great, underutilized tool. 


I know that transitioning from your regular FBA to Facebook Marketplace can seem like a lot, but it really is a great way to make even more cash on the side. These methods have been used by a lot of our Rainmaker Mastermind group, so I want to close by giving you some of their success stories with Facebook Marketplace. Each of these represents a different family and how they did when trying this out as a challenge. 

I know that transitioning from your regular FBA to Facebook Marketplace can seem like a lot, but it really is a great way to make even more cash on the side. These methods have been used by a lot of our Rainmaker Mastermind group, so I want to close by giving you some of their success stories with Facebook Marketplace. Each of these represents a different family and how they did when trying this out as a challenge. 

  • $8,500 in two months
  • $7,700 in two months
  • $1,000 in one month 
  • $2,000 in three weeks
  • $890 in two weeks

This just from feedback we’ve heard so far! Hopefully these tips will help you do even more, because we pulled these tips straight from our Mastermind Group who went through all the trial and error for you. 

Once you make the jump, let us know how it worked for you! Tell us what tips you tried, which ones worked out, and what new things you came up with to make your business thrive. We look forward to celebrating success with you!



7 Pro Tips for Dropsharing Amazon Products on Facebook MarketPlace

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