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5 Tips for Working with Your Spouse

There’s nothing better than working with your best friend, but that’s not always easy. There are many benefits of working with your spouse that make a compelling case for taking partners in life to the world of business. 

There are, however, also a few concerns and knowing them can help navigate the tricky experience of working with your spouse. This week, we took this topic to Matthew Parsons. Here were his tips for success.

Can You Work with Your Spouse?

Should couples work together? As Rainmakers, we believe that your family is the most important thing in your life and spouses can make great business partners.

With Matthew’s help, we’ve collected some amazing tips for working with your spouse.

1. Share Your Goals

Every successful goal begins with an acknowledgment. If you don’t state your goal, you cannot surpass it.

Every so often, take time to sit down and discuss exactly what you are working towards. This should absolutely extend to personal goals.

Matthew told us that he and his family will periodically take short, intentional trips with each other throughout the year. They use this opportunity to talk with each other about their dreams and aspirations

Every family member’s goal will be different but, regardless of what you’re doing, sharing your goals is a great way to connect and encourage accountability.

2. Take Alone Time

No matter how stressful things may get, you also need to remember to take time off! 

Block out a few days every year to go away together, just you and your spouse, and don’t do anything that relates to work! These solo trips are when you can bond and talk openly to one another.

If you have kids, this is even more important as there are always issues you cannot discuss in front of the whole family. You’ll want to use your special trips to work on these problems and find solutions.

3. Stay True to You

As the business grows, you’ll start to feel more pressure to change who you are. Mothers, in particular, may feel as though they are being called to step outside of their true role as a caretaker. Don’t destroy your identity for your business! Instead, find a way to balance the workload.

Sometimes, the right choice isn’t always the most profitable one – that’s okay! Go at your own pace and stay true to what you believe. Matthew cites much of his success to his strong faith, which he claims called him into the lucrative real estate business. 

It is possible to grow revenue while staying true to yourself.

4. Take Your Time Back

As an entrepreneur, it may be easy to feel as though the business owns you. The reality is actually the opposite. As the business owner, you dictate your schedule! 

Take advantage of this and make your business work for you. Spend quality time with your family and your spouse. Your business can wait, and it will still be there when you come back.

Matthew says that much of his family dynamic revolves around the freedom that comes with entrepreneurship. Matthew’s enterprise enables him to engage fully as a father and husband. He can accomplish this while still maintaining his ministry.

When emergencies come up, he can easily drop what he’s doing to tend to the most important thing in his life: family!

5. Balance Duties

Finally, good life partners must also remember to be good business partners. Split the duties evenly! Sometimes, one person may need to step forward. Other times, you may both need to put in some elbow grease. 

Regardless of what is happening, both partners must nurture and care for each other as much as they care for the business.

When you’re balancing duties, be sure to think about each other’s individual strengths, too! While you may be better at marketing, your spouse may excel at finance. If this is the case, then the wisest choice will be to delegate duties accordingly. 

Putting in even effort doesn’t mean splitting every duty in half — sometimes you need to split based on talent.

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