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3 Calendar Hacks For Busy Entrepreneurial Families

Hey Rainmaker fam! It’s Stephen and Chelsey here, excited to dive into something that’s been a hot topic among our community: calendar hacks for the super busy. Yep, we’re talking about those of us juggling entrepreneurship, family, and everything in between. We’ve discovered three life-changing strategies that have seriously upgraded our efficiency and harmony at home and work.

First off, let’s demystify this idea that structure equals restriction. If anything, we’ve learned that a little organization actually frees us up to do more of what we love. Think about it as setting up guardrails that guide you toward your goals without getting sidetracked.

So, what are these magical hacks, you ask? Number one is all about designing your dream week. Imagine a week where every piece fits just right: work, family time, personal care, you name it. We started by identifying what elements made our best weeks and used those insights to shape our ideal schedule.

Next up, we tackled the issue of switching costs – the time and mental energy lost when hopping between tasks. By theming our days to focus on specific types of work or activities, we’ve cut down on the chaos and upped our productivity big time.

Lastly, we’ve implemented what we call the Level 10 Family Meeting. This weekly check-in ensures we’re aligned on everything from business decisions to personal appointments, making sure the upcoming week is set up for success. It’s about taking those scattered to-dos and creating a clear action plan together.

These strategies aren’t just about getting more done; they’re about creating space for what matters most. By being intentional with our time, we’ve found more peace, deeper connections! 

So, whether you’re navigating the waters of entrepreneurship, parenting, or both, remember that a little structure can lead to a lot of freedom. Hit play now to join us on this journey to master our time and live our dream life, one well-planned week at a time.

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Episode: minute by minute 

  • 00:30 Calendar Hacks that have changed our lives forever (for real!) 
  • 5:00 Crafting Your Dream Week: Why Chelsey recommends this to EVERY entrepreneur
  • 09:24 Minimizing Task-Switching: Being kind to your mind and boosting everyday productivity  
  • 20:41 Implementing Level 10 Meetings and how 1 hour can save you 10 days of chaos 
  • 16:09 Establishing an End-of-Day Ritual that helps you transition back into family mode

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