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20 Questions: Stephen & Chelsey AMA (Ask Me Anything) – [Anything Goes]

Hey friends! Welcome to another episode of The Rainmaker Family Podcast. 

Throughout our podcast journey, we’ve shared highs and lows, interviewed incredible guests, learned key tools to grow business, and shared different ways to create passive income for your family. 

Today we interviewed our toughest guests yet and they ask the hard questions. 

Today we are interviewing ourselves, based on your questions! We asked our Rainmakers to ask us anything, and now we are delivering our raw, real, and unrehearsed answers. 

We answer everything from our most inspired moments, how we encourage each other, to our core values, what the Rainmaker Family Challenge looks like and favorite super heroes. 

So whether you’re new to the show, or you’ve been with us every step of the way, you’re sure to learn something new or at least have a good laugh along the way. 

So go ahead and hit that play button, sit back, and enjoy the journey as we answer anything! 

More of What We Talk About:

  • What our favorite Audible book is for this season 
  • Our most inspirational moment in our career 
  • How to know when enough is enough 
  • If we would still be entrepreneurs if we had never met 
  • Which one of us drives the car more 
  • The biggest mistakes we’ve made and the aftermath of those mistakes 
  • How we challenge each other 
  • Our biggest mindset shift 
  • Outline of the Rainmaker Family Challenge 
  • How many people we have on our team 
  • What we teach Kaizen 
  • 5 core personal values
  • How Rainmakers has changed over time 
  • If any more little Rainmakers are on the way 
  • A moment that we didn’t listen in our journey 
  • 3 things we do each day 
  • The craziest idea that we’ve each had
  • And more!


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    Episode Minute By Minute:

    • 0:36 Welcome to the show!
    • 1:17 Four books you should read ASAP
    • 7:18 In another life, would you still be an entrepreneur?
    • 10:20 Our biggest mistakes
    • 13:34 How we challenge each other to grow
    • 16:42 Our greatest mindset shift
    • 26:32 How many employees do we have>
    • 31:53 Our core values
    • 37:26 How our business is different than our original vision 
    • 46:07 Three things we do every day without fail
    • 50:27 Our craziest ideas
    • 54:04 Our favorites superhero

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