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15 Books We Read to Become Seven Figure Entrepreneurs by Age 30 (in sequential order)

At this point, almost everyone has heard the saying “leaders are readers!’

It gets overused and overstated because it’s sooo true! At least, that’s how it’s played out in our lives.

In today’s show, we are going to share the 15 books we read on our journey to becoming 7-figure entrepreneurs by 30. These books cover everything from mindset, business building, deep spiritual principles and more!

Going through these books has literally helped us create the life and business of our dreams. The best part? Now we get to show Momma’s like you how to do the same thing! We will keep these show notes short and sweet for this episode because something tells us you have enough reading to do now. 😉

Books Mentioned On Today’s Episode: 

4 Hour Workweek

The Go-Giver

The Bible

Poverty Riches & Wealth

Dot Com Secrets

Expert Secrets

Ultimate Sales Machine

E Myth Revisited

No BS guide to Marketing to the Affluent

Money Master the Game

100 Million Dollar Offers




The Gap and the Gain

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    Episode: minute by minute 

    • 01:03 The first book on our list!
    • 03:37 Our key takeaway from the go-giver
    • 05:12 Number 4 on our list
    • 05:51 How we learned to create an offer
    • 07:05 How we are able to scale our business without scaling our time
    • 09:23 The book that came at the perfect time
    • 10:51 One marketing book that you need to be affluent
    • 11:39 When we crossed the 7-figure mark
    • 12:57 Could you make a $100M offer?
    • 15:35 How to learn how to say no for the better yes



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