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12 Travel Hacks for Entrepreneurs with Kids

Welcome to the Rainmaker Family Show! Today we are breaking down 12 Travel Hacks for Entrepreneurs with Kids and 5 Essential Services for Hassle-Free Journeys!

Hit play to hear our go-to travel trips and tricks we have picked over the years! 

We also created a full list below you can come back to later 🙂 Happy Travels!

Travel Hacks for Entrepreneurs with Kids:

Embrace TSA Precheck: Make airport security checks less stressful for both you and your kids. It’s a time-saver and totally worth the price. No more long queues, removing shoes or taking laptops out of bags – travel like a VIP with your family!


Points-Earning Credit Card: If you’re a business owner, a credit card that earns you points could help save on travel expenses. Think of every expense as an investment towards your next vacation!

Bonus: Amex Lounges: Available at airports worldwide, these lounges offer a relaxing space for your family before your flight. Enjoy complimentary food, drinks, and Wi-Fi in a quiet, comfortable environment.

American Express for Travel Points + Amex Lounge Access (use link for 80k miles referral bonus)

A Sturdy Stroller: It’s a carrier for your kids and your stuff. Especially beneficial when you have a lot of bags. Save your energy for exploring your destination instead of hauling luggage around the airport!

Pack Plenty of Snacks: Keep your kids busy during the flight with a variety of their favorite snacks. From crunchy veggie sticks to sweet fruit gummies, make sure you’ve got all taste-buds covered.

Bonus: Invest in ‘Busy Snacks’: These are snacks that take a while for your child to eat, keeping them occupied longer. Think string cheese, granola bars, or whole fruits – the longer they’re eating, the less time they’ll have to get restless.

New Toys: A few new toys or sticker books can serve as a great distraction for your kids. The novelty of a new toy can keep them entertained for hours!

Turro: The Airbnb of car rentals! More affordable than traditional car rental agencies, and some hosts offer curbside pickup at the airport. Choose from a wide range of vehicles to suit your family’s needs.

Turo (car rentals)

Baby Quip: Rent baby gear from other moms. Convenient for those bigger items like pack ‘n plays and high chairs. Why lug around heavy baby gear when you can rent it at your destination?

BabyQuip (kid stuff rentals – use this link for $20 off)

Airbnb: When traveling with kids or for an extended stay, renting a house can be more convenient than a hotel. You get more space, a kitchen to prepare meals, and a homey environment for your children.

Rent Your Home Out on Airbnb A great resource for finding one-time babysitters or nannies, especially when you’re traveling for a longer period

Screen Privacy Protector: Secure your screen from prying eyes during travel with a magnetic privacy protector for your laptop.

 Screen Privacy for Laptop

Mail Your Shopping Back Home: Avoid extra luggage by mailing your shopping purchases back home. It could be more cost-effective than an overweight bag fee.


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Episode: minute by minute 

  • 0:00 Introduction to today’s show
  • 3:17 Hack #1 TSA Pre-Check
  • 5:57 Hack #2 Get a credit card that gives you points
  • 7:38 Hack #3 The right stroller
  • 9:17 Hack #4 If you think you have enough snacks, pack more!
  • 10:38 Hack #5 New toys
  • 12:23 Hack #6 Bring help
  • 12:50 Hack #7 Turo
  • 16:11 Hack #8 Our favorite sites: Babyquip and airbnb 
  • 17:52 Hack #9 Hiring a babysitter at
  • 21:32 Hack #10 Make sure you have a mobile hot spot
  • 22:12 Hack #11 Use a VPN and screen protector
  • 23:52 Hack #12 Don’t be afraid to ship things back home to yourself
  • 25:48 Choose to have a positive attitude


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