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10 Must-Have Gifts for Moms Who Run a Business From Home

Moms everywhere work their butts off all year to keep their families and businesses running smoothly, and this year, in particular, has been a serious challenge. If you know a mom who runs a small business from home, or wants to start a home based business, take this holiday season to show them how much you appreciate their hard work and tenacity. 

Between managing their home business and raising a family, super moms everywhere are juggling a lot. To show your appreciation, check out some of these gifts created by Rainmaker Challenge alums with amazing small businesses!

10. Coffee, Tea & Sugar Canisters with a Modern Farmhouse Vibe

Farmhouse Style Sugar, Tea and Coffee Canisters

Know a home business owner who runs on coffee and tea? A caffeine lover to the core? Then why not gift them with a stylish set of coffee, tea, and sugar canisters? Matte black with bright copper lids, these canisters have a fresh, modern farmhouse vibe that gives this gift real charm. Each stainless steel canister holds 1.4 liters of coffee, tea, or sugar, and closes tightly to keep those precious beverages fresh. Priced at $31.99, these canisters will make any morning ritual a little extra special. 

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9. Frosted Pine Festive Swedish DishCloths

It’s a cloth…it’s a sponge…no, it’s a Swedish dishcloth! Thick and durable yet soft and absorbent, Swedish dishcloths are the perfect solution for washing, cleaning, and drying things around the home. Like a super-thick reusable paper towel that doubles as a scrubbing cloth, these adorably decorated cloths can be used in the kitchen sink, in the bathroom, to wipe up spills, or even to dust and clean shelves. Reusable and printed with lovely holiday scenes like frosted pine needles, these sustainable and eco-friendly gifts are just $16.99 for a pack of 5. 

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8. Weekly Grocery, Meal & Menu Planner

Weekly Grocery and Menu Planner

Anyone looking to start a home-based business (or who has already done so) knows how important being organized is – otherwise, no one will eat, shower, or get to anything on time. Traditional made simple, this spiral-bound planner featuring simple weekly grocery, meal, and menu planning templates makes it super easy to stay on-top of what the family is eating and who’s in charge of procuring ingredients! Packaged in a lovely gift box, this planner is $23.79. 

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7. Positive Affirmation Cards

Women positive Affirmation Cards

Who doesn’t need a boost of positivity now and then? A simple yet powerful gift, positive affirmation cards are an easy way to let that hard-working, business-owning mom how awesome they are. This thoughtful gift idea includes 60 cards printed on high-quality cardstock for $16.99. 

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6. Plantable Seed-Paper Notebooks

Know someone who is super resourceful and thorough? How about a business owner who’s always worried about the environmental impact of their packaging? Plantable Seed-Paper notebooks from Scrib are made from recycled paper interiors, with seed-filled covers that can be planted once the notebooks are filled. Simply rip off a piece of the cover, place it in dirt, give it some water, and you’ll see sprouts in no time. A pack of three pocket-sized books is $14.97. 

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5. GreenHomeMama Reusable Unpaper Towels Bundle


Staying with the theme of green gifting, GreenHomeMomma’s bundle is the perfect way to say “I love you” to an eco-conscious mom and the planet. At $114.94, this is one of the pricier picks, but it’s well worth the expense. This bundle comes with 28 reusable “UnTowels”, two sets of large towels, and two cotton drawstring bags to replace all the disposable towels in your home. 

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4. Hanging Wall Organizer

Know a mom running a business out of a small space? Help them stay organized with a hanging wall organizer designed to create vertical storage where there once was none. Made from heavy duty fabric featuring minimalist designs and available for just $15.00, this elegant storage organizer can fit well into any home office aesthetic. 

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3. Rustik Hygge Scrunchie Stand

Rustik Hygge Scrunchie Stand

For the mom who is always losing hair ties and scrunchies, pick up a beautiful recycled wood scrunchie stand. Designed and created by Rustik Hygge, this rustic-design is minimalist and practical gift with a touch of cottage-core whimsy. Pick one up today for $20.99.

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2. Acrylic Dry Erase Weekly & Monthly Calendar

How you spend time is an important part of owning and operating a business and taking care of a family. That’s why this reusable dry erase board, which features a weekly and monthly calendar, is the perfect gift for any mom. Because this acrylic alternative to a paper calendar can be reused infinitely, it can also help reduce your carbon footprint. Available for $64.99 from Sweet B & Company, this gorgeously simple solution is a great way to keep things organized. 

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1. Luv Color Rainbow Woven Basket

Luv Color Rainbow Decor Cotton Woven Storage Basket

Rainbows never go out of style, and these woven baskets make a beautiful gift for moms that like to keep their kids as organized as they are. Made from woven cotton and dyed in beautiful, bright rainbow colors, these baskets are a super fun and joyful way to stay organized. Petite yet surprisingly roomy, each basket is available for $16.49 and stands 7” high, 8.5 in diameter. 

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If you’re looking for the ultimate gift for a business savvy mom, consider signing her up for the seven-day Rainmaker Challenge. Packed with educational videos and classes, this weeklong boot camp is geared towards boosting every stay-at-home mom’s earning potential without biting into valuable family time. Visit The Rainmaker Family online for more details and to reserve your spot in the next challenge. 

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